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Our comprehensive HSC Biology tutoring Sydney for students in Years 11 and 12 has supported thousands of students over the last decade score Band 6 results! Systematically covering Module 1 through to Module 8 for the HSC syllabus, we help you ace your assessments, and your HSC Trial and HSC External exam.

Each year, 7 out of 10 students we support score a Band 5 or 6 in HSC Biology, with students experiencing on average 20% increases in their grades! 

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Be inspired by an engaging HSC Biology tutor Sydney

Receiving tutoring with an Art of Smart Biology tutor Sydney means that you will be provided with comprehensive, up to date resources covering the entire HSC Biology syllabus. With key dot point summaries, HSC practice questions combined with the knowledge of our expert Band 6 scoring tutors, our HSC Biology tutoring Sydney students are guaranteed fantastic support.

We’ve supported students from hundreds of schools with their internal assessments, from their depth study, through to their practical investigations and HSC Trials. Book your engaging and experienced HSC Biology Tutor Sydney!

Learn wherever you want in Sydney, whether online, at home, or at our campus!

Our HSC Biology tutors have all had experience going through the NSW HSC Biology curriculum, and therefore understand it better than anyone else. This local knowledge of the syllabus ensures that we know how to help students score Band 6 results! 

We tailor our HSC Biology tutoring Sydney around you, allowing you to choose whether you want to learn 1 on 1 , in small groups, online, at home, or even at the State Library! However you learn best, we can cater to you.

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

HSC Biology Course Structure

Is your school studying Year 11 or Year 12 Biology in a different sequence? Don’t stress — we personalise our support based on your school!

  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Module 7
  • Module 8
  • Module 5: Heredity
    • Week 1: Reproduction
    • Week 2: Reproduction II
    • Week 3: Cell and DNA Replication
    • Week 4: DNA in Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
    • Week 5: Structure and Functions of Proteins in Living Things
    • Week 6: Pedigrees and Punnet Squares
    • Week 7: Genetic Variation
    • Week 8: Inheritance Patterns in a Population
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 5 Revision
  • Module 6: Genetic Change
    • Week 1: Mutagens and their Operations
    • Week 2: Mutations
    • Week 3: Genetic Variations
    • Week 4: Biotechnology
    • Week 5: Genetic Technologies
    • Week 6: Cloning
    • Week 7: DNA Technology
    • Week 8: Influences on Biotechnology
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 6 Revision
  • Module 7: Infectious Diseases
    • Week 1: Pathogens and Koch’s Postulates
    • Week 2: Causes of Infectious Diseases
    • Week 3: Responses to Pathogens
    • Week 4: Immunity
    • Week 5: Prevention, Treatment and Control
    • Week 6: Pharmaceuticals and Control
    • Week 7: Infectious Diseases in a Population
    • Week 8: Historical and Cultural Analysis
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 7 Revision
  • Module 8: Non-Infectious Diseases
    • Week 1: Homeostasis
    • Week 2: Homeostasis II
    • Week 3: Humans and Infectious Diseases
    • Week 4: Non-Infectious Diseases
    • Week 5: Epidemiological Study
    • Week 6: Prevention
    • Week 7: Causes of Disorders
    • Week 8: Technologies and Disorders
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 8 Revision

Step-by-Step HSC Biology Resources Designed by our Expert Tutors and Teachers!

Our HSC Biology tutoring resource books contain tons of interactive exercises, key explanations, worked examples and HSC-style practice questions. By working through these books you will be a biology master in no time!

Comprehensive dot point coverage of the NSW curriculum
Practical application of concepts through HSC-style questions
Tried and tested by our qualified tutors.
Focuses on building critical skills to help you excel during revision!
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

Browse through our Biology tutoring Sydney resources!

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Which HSC Biology Tutor Sydney is right for you?

Before you decide on a time with our team, we will get to work on matching you up with the best possible Biology tutor Sydney for your child. To do this, we need to know about your child’s abilities, interests and academic goals.

After this is done your new Biology tutor Sydney will give you another call within 24 hours to finalise a time for your child as well as asking for some preliminary information so that they can prepare for the first lesson.

Biology tutoring Sydney resource books and guides.

Not only do we provide your child with a state of the art Biology tutor Sydney, we also streamline their learning process and truly allow them to be the best version of themselves by providing them with personalised subject-specific resource books. These books have been designed with the HSC in mind and written by high achieving students that know best how to master the syllabus.

Our Biology tutor Sydney will walk your child through these resource books step by step and make sure that they are absorbing as much content as possible. This is done by interspersing the more knowledge heavy sections of the book with HSC-style practice questions. These questions are designed to test your child’s knowledge of specific syllabus dot points and allow them to build their exam confidence and technique.

Take learning into your own hands

While our tutors will be going over these resources in lessons, it is also important to note that you can access these resources yourself. We offer our resource books both online and in print forms.

It is also important to note that while the resource books are important to walk through, we understand that your child might be working on topics other than revision in their classes. For this reason we don’t only limit our lessons to going through the resource books. Instead, we encourage our Biology tutor Sydney to be as flexible as possible and open to helping your child with strategies and advice on how to improve their assignment writing and exam technique.

This approach that we take towards Biology tutoring Sydney allows for a truly personalised experience for each student where lessons can take on a variety of structures featuring many different exercises and activities. This works to keep students engaged and ready to learn, ensuring they maintain a level of focus that they can’t get anywhere else.

Flexible and Personalised Biology Tutoring Sydney.

At Art of Smart, we work around you and your schedule. Whether or not you want to learn online or in your own home, the decision is up to you.

Our HSC Biology tutoring Sydney team will work with you to determine what times and days work best for your child. After this is done we will determine which HSC Biology tutor Sydney is right for your child based on matching interests and content knowledge level.

How do you learn best?

If you choose to go with a face to face, in home tutoring session. We’ll contact you and determine what days work for both you and for us. After this we can get you matched up with your own personalised HSC Biology tutor Sydney and mentor. This approach can be engaging to students who enjoy working with physical resources.

If you instead choose to go with online Biology tutoring. We will once again contact you to figure out a time that works before matching you up with a HSC Biology tutor Sydney. In this style of teaching, our Biology tutor’s will deliver the content to you in a live Zoom or Skype session. During the session they will keep your child engaged by utilising online whiteboards, screen and file sharing. These digital tools allow for the same content and resources to be conveyed to your child in an online setting as would be in person.

Why Choose our Biology tutoring Sydney?

To put it simply, our HSC Biology tutors are second to none. The process that we undergo when hiring and selecting a HSC Biology tutor Sydney ensures that no matter what, your child will end up in capable hands.

When we go about recruiting HSC Biology tutors, we not only screen for their knowledge of the Biology content, but also make sure that their teaching skills allow this knowledge to be easily and succinctly understood by your child.

During a rigorous 60-minute interview each HSC Biology tutor Sydney will have to provide a mock lesson to our team, giving them a chance to show off their strengths and rapport-building skills. By the end of this, our team can be absolutely sure as to the proficiency of our Biology tutors.

Choosing the right HSC Biology Tutor Sydney

We also make sure that we understand the extracurricular interests of our Biology tutor Sydney. This allows for your child to be matched up with a tutor of similar interest to them, making mentoring and rapport building flow much easier.

All of these meticulous steps that go into hiring our Biology tutors mean that they are the absolute top of the line. It also means that only about 1 in 8 of our thousands of candidates actually go on to become a HSC Biology tutor Sydney with us.

We Provide the HSC Biology Tutor Sydney that your child needs

Are you unhappy with your academic results? Unmotivated? Or just simply want some more feedback on your work? Our HSC Biology Tutoring Sydney can provide all of these things and more to you.

Over the past decade we’ve garnered a crack team of professional Biology tutors that tailor their lessons specifically around making you into the best possible version of yourself. Along with their amazing tutoring services, our HSC Biology tutors will provide personalised mentoring to help you not just succeed academically, but holistically.

The HSC Biology tutoring Sydney we provide for 11-12 students will help to build your confidence and understanding of the HSC Biology content, allowing you to truly excel on exams and assignments.

The mentoring services we provide allow you to build upon your exam technique along with time and stress management. By following our Biology tutor’s advice you can make the most out of your final two years of high school.