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With Glen Waverley Tutoring, we offer outstanding VCE tutoring, and our team of experienced tutors is here to provide you with exceptional support. Our tutors have achieved impressive study scores, scored above 98 in their ATAR, and many are pre-service teachers. This means they have a deep understanding of their subjects and know how to communicate effectively.

Our tutoring program takes a comprehensive approach to education, and which our students appreciate. In fact, 9/10 of them have told us that tutoring with Art of Smart has increased their confidence and helped them reach their academic goals. We’re pretty proud of that!

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Glendal Primary School 

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Essex Heights Primary School 

Brandon Park Primary School

Glen Waverley Primary School

Syndal South Primary School

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Burwood East Primary School

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Glen Waverley Secondary College

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St Andrews Christian College

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Highvale Secondary College 

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Customise Your Tutoring Glen Waverley Experience

Here at Art of Smart, we care about tutoring Glen Waverley students with a personalised approach! Right from your very first call with us, our Glen Waverley tutors prioritise your requests, requirements and goals to tailor a learning experience that’s unique to you. 

For the past decade, our team has been tutoring Glen Waverley students from schools within the local area! Access to our tutors is as convenient as ever, as our tutoring Glen Waverley team is well-equipped to organise lessons in your own home, at Glen Waverley Library or even online!

Tutoring Glen Waverley Within Your Reach

Our tutors strive to accommodate to your needs! We work with our students to schedule a perfect time and place that suits your routine best, whether it’s private or online Glen Waverley tutoring! So say goodbye to pesky public transport planning, when you’ve got an amazing tutor right at your doorstep!

With our tutoring Glen Waverley service, you can choose from our face-to-face or online lessons to facilitate a learning environment that works for you and your unique learning style! 

Glen Waverley Library

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Subject-Specific Programs Designed Just for You

From P-6 through to Year 11-12 we’ve got you covered! 

  • Primary
  • Year 7-10
  • Year 11-12
  • Study Skills
  • Primary: P-6

    In Glen Waverley Tutoring, our primary school tutoring program is dedicated to helping students establish a solid foundation in fundamental concepts in subjects including English, Maths, Science and Technology, and enhance their confidence. This preparation equips them to face the challenges of high school more effectively.

  • Year 7-10: All Subjects

    In our tutoring program customised for Glen Waverley students in Year 7-10, our goal is to provide a strong foundation in VIC curriculum content in English, Maths, Sciences and Humanities. This not only enhances students' confidence but also guarantees a seamless transition to Year 11-12 without any knowledge gaps.

  • Year 11-12: All Subjects

    In our Glen Waverley Tutoring program designed for Year 11-12, our primary focus is to support students in excelling in their SACs and External Exams. This assistance enhances their ATAR scores and university prospects by ensuring they gain a profound understanding of the VCAA Curriculum content.

    Regardless of your proficiency level, our services provide tailored support in Maths, English, Science, and Humanities to help you achieve your academic goals.

  • Study Skills: Year 7-12

    Our Pathfinder Program is carefully crafted to guide students in Years 7-12 towards mastering effective study techniques. They'll discover how to study more efficiently, minimise distractions, maintain motivation, build robust study routines, and tackle exams with reduced stress.

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Your Highly Rated Tutoring Glen Waverley Service

So, why should you choose Art of Smart?

In our 10+ years of experience as an education provider, we have earned our name as a world-class tutoring service that has helped over 8000 students excel in school, all while balancing their personal, work, health and extra-curricular priorities. 

For every P-12 subject, we have at least one expert in our tutoring Glen Waverley team who is highly experienced and qualified to help you achieve your goal mark! Our Glen Waverley tutors are trained to be exceptional role models and mentors, who are dedicated to your development as a student. So, don’t feel afraid to reach out to them for help as they are more than happy to do so!

Our Glen Waverley tutoring lessons also provide free access to printed and online resources. We have an expansive range of resources that cover a range of P-12 subjects, so you can be prepped for whichever subject you need to ace!

Our Evidence Based Techniques for Tutoring Glen Waverley Students

At Art of Smart, we believe that the key to success is more than just your IQ or your VCE results – it’s the important life skills that can truly set you up for your future!

In fact, 1 in 3 students who have worked hard for good VCE study scores, are now facing the challenge of unemployment so there is more to success than just studying!

We spent 10 years with Australia’s top 2% of high achievers to learn about the best ways to approach school life and everything that revolves around it. Our tutoring Glen Waverley team is proud to say that we’ve gathered the most effective tips and tricks to help you excel in school, while nurturing your mental health! 

With our inspirational tutoring Glen Waverley mentors, you will learn how to implement smart study strategies such as writing straight-to-the point notes, prioritising key study topics, utilising active recall and organising a productive study schedule with healthy breaks in between! This way, you’ll make the most out of your school years as you optimise your results, maximise your fun and minimise your stress!

So, join Art of Smart today and we’ll equip you with the key skills you need to navigate through your transition from school into the real world!

Our Top-Notch Tutoring Glen Waverley Mentors

What makes Art of Smart amazing is our incredible team of Glen Waverley tutors!

We understand that tutors make or break our students’ learning experience – so our recruitment team takes the extra effort to ensure that every one of our potential tutoring Glen Waverley mentors are exceptionally qualified for the role. 

Each applicant must meet the minimum VCE requirements for their specialised subject(s). Additionally, they must present a valid Working with Children Check and complete a National Police Check to ensure that they are safe to work with you! 

Every applicant must also sit through an hour-long interview with our expert panel of recruiters to be approved to join our tutoring Glen Waverley team. In this interview, the applicant must perform a mock lesson in their chosen P-12 subject, where they will show off their greatest communication skills, their creative thinking and ability to build relationships with their students. 

Recruiters will also ask applicants about their favourite hobbies and interests, to gauge whether they’ll be a suitable role model for future students to rely on for help!

Only 1 in 8 applicants pass each year – so we can confirm that we only make the best picks for our tutoring Glen Waverley mentors!

Our Individualised Matching Process for Tutoring Glen Waverley Students

So, how do we find you a perfect Glen Waverley tutor match? 

When you call us, our administration team will ask you about your academic goals, needs and special requests. We will also ask you about your favourite activities to help find a compatible match who shares the same interests as you, so you two can get along well!

Next, our team will look through the profiles of each and every one of our tutoring Glen Waverley team members to identify one who is available to teach. We will also look at the hobbies and interests of our Glen Waverley tutors to ensure that they have common interests with you. This way, you and your Glen Waverley tutor can hit it off and form a life-long mentorship, where they can provide advice for you on school, extra-curricular activities, future university degrees or career options, and even personal aspects of your life! 

Once we have found a good match, our admins will contact the Glen Waverley tutor, who will call or email you in the next 24 hours! In this call, you may be asked about your preferred time and date to finalise plans for your first lesson. Your tutor may also ask you for brief details about your past assessment marks, requests for the first lesson and future academic goals to further personalise your tutoring Glen Waverley experience. 

At Art of Smart, we have been tutoring Glen Waverley students with an individualised touch right from the very first lesson. In your initial lesson together, your Glen Waverley tutor may request to see your past assessment results, your current study schedule and marking rubrics to pinpoint your strengths and areas of improvement in the subject. Additionally, your tutor may also give you a diagnostic test to complete to identify specific knowledge or skills that you need further help in. With this information, your tutor will design a learning plan that’s unique to you!

Our Flexible Tutoring Glen Waverley team

Need to work your tutoring lessons around your schedule? That’s not a problem for Art of Smart’s flexible Tutoring Glen Waverley scheme!

Simply let us know which date, time and place works best for you and we can make it happen!

1 on 1 Private Tutoring Glen Waverley

If 1 on 1 lessons are your thing, our tutoring Glen Waverley team is more than happy to accommodate! 

Let us know that you prefer private lessons with your Glen Waverley tutoring, and we’ll connect you with a qualified mentor who is available to organise 1 on 1 sessions in person with you!

Online Tutoring Glen Waverley

On the other hand, if you’re more comfortable with online lessons, our tutoring Glen Waverley team is also well-equipped to host live online classes on Zoom or Microsoft Teams! 

All of our tutoring Glen Waverley team members make online learning as fun and interactive as possible with interactive features such as Whiteboard, chatrooms, video sharing and an online cloud sharing system, where you can collaborate with your tutor to complete assessment tasks and activities in class! 

Once you’re matched up with your Glen Waverley tutor, they will send you a link to join the online class on a weekly basis, so your tuition is only a click away!

Updated Syllabus-Based Resources for Tutoring Glen Waverley students

Art of Smart is known for their comprehensive resource library that is up-to-date with the latest VCE curriculum requirements – so none of our private and online tutoring Glen Waverley students miss out! 

Our amazing resource library is packed with P-12 subject specific workbooks, links and past papers that are specially curated by our exceptional teachers and tutors who have worked hard to ensure that each resource is easy to understand with written examples, effective skill-building activities and straight-to-the-point notes. 

Plus, you can choose to access resources in print and online so there’s the flexibility in using these resources in and outside of class! Our online and private tutoring Glen Waverley students usually use our resources in lessons with their Art of Smart tutor or for homework, but you can also navigate through our Art of Smart app to practice some independent learning too!