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For more than 10 years, our Gold Coast tutoring team has been commended for our personalised and comprehensive tutoring services across all subjects for Kindergarten to Year 12 students in the Gold Coast. 

A majority of our customers rate our Gold Coast tutoring services very highly, as they agree that our educational approach is successful in boosting their child’s knowledge, skills and self-esteem in their chosen subject!

Your Top-Notch Gold Coast Tutoring Team

If you’re looking for a highly reputable Gold Coast tutoring service, we’ve got your back! 

For over 13 years, Art of Smart has been tutoring Gold Coast students from K-12 levels in all types of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, History, and more. With our extensive teaching experience, our Gold Coast tutors are well-trained to provide holistic lessons that have successfully facilitated students to achieve their best results.

Our Gold Coast Tutoring Services will also let you in on extensive resources designed by our very own QCE experts, along with valuable study tips and tricks we have gathered from our interviews with Australia’s top achievers, to help you optimize your well-being with an effective study-work-life balance.

So, boost your comprehension and confidence in a subject of your choice with our Gold Coast tutoring services!

Student-centred Gold Coast Tutoring near you

Unleash your potential with our comprehensive Gold Coast tutoring that is designed to meet your needs as we work with you to achieve your goals, whether it is related to school, life, future career and more! 

Our Gold Coast tutoring team is spread across the Gold Coast area! If you’re curious, sneak a peek at the list of schools we have helped students excel.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Art of Smart’s Gold Coast Tutoring

Ever wanted a personalised Gold Coast tutoring experience? 

At Art of Smart, our Gold Coast tutoring team specializes in an individualized approach that targets your needs and goals to help you excel! We provide 1 on 1 tutoring services that are tailored to your learning style, needs and goals while also addressing each and every point of the curriculum’s syllabus.

Here’s How We Provide an Individualised Gold Coast Tutoring Service

Art of Smart takes the extra step to ensure that our Gold Coast Tutoring services are centred around your needs!

Every year, we filter through thousands of tutor applicants with only less than a 15% success rate to make sure that our Gold Coast tutoring team is composed of credible candidates with exceptional academic achievements, strong communication skills and amazing people skills to build lasting connections with you!

As part of our employment process, our Gold Coast tutoring members must present with a valid Working with Children Check, a National Police Check and an official document listing their academic qualifications so we can certify that our tutors are highly proficient.

Gold Coast tutoring applicants must also deliver a mock lesson for one hour, where we evaluate them based on their teaching skills and how engaging they are! We also collect information about their favourite past-time activities and interests so we can find a perfect match who can be an amazing role model you can relate to. 

As such, we make sure that our Gold Coast tutoring services are enjoyable for you, as you work with someone who is on the same wavelength as you! So, say goodbye to all the tedious trial lessons with countless to-be tutors, as we can find one suited to your needs, goals and even personality from our Gold Coast tutoring team.

Your very own Local Gold Coast Tutoring Team

Members of our Gold Coast Tutoring team also grew up in the same area as you did! So, you can depend on us to organise lessons that are convenient for you, regardless of whether it is at your own home, at Broadbeach library or through an online platform. 

With our Gold Coast Tutoring, you will receive holistic tutoring services from our highly qualified tutors who can grant you exclusive access to updated print and online resources for every K-12 subject. 

Gold Coast Tutoring Within Your Reach 

Art of Smart offers Gold Coast tutoring services almost anywhere! We give you the power to choose whether you’d like to learn in your own home or online. This is because we understand that some students prefer face to face lessons, while others may like the flexibility of being online anywhere, at any time. Ultimately, we work to your schedule to make learning as convenient as we can for you! 

Gold Coast Tutoring in Person 

So, how do you organize an in person lesson with one of our Gold Coast tutoring staff?

It’s as easy as giving us a quick dial! During your first call with us, we will ask you questions about the best date and time that fits your schedule before we find you your very own tutor. It’ll take less than 24 hours before you’re contacted by one of our Gold Coast tutoring staff to plan for your first lesson together. How exciting!

Gold Coast Tutoring Online 

If you find online lessons a bit boring, don’t worry!

Our live Zoom lessons deliver highly interactive and engaging classes right to your screen. Our Gold Coast tutoring team is highly trained in using various features such as Whiteboard, chat room and screen sharing to ensure you can fully participate in classes and receive the same level of our excellent academic support as you would in an face-to-face setting. 

Before your first lesson, your tutor will send you your very own Zoom link which you may use for each weekly lesson. Your tutor may also prep your Gold Coast Tutoring online experience with an online file sharing application such as Google Docs, where they may upload new worksheets, resources and even check your new assessment notifications to stay updated with your studies!

Plus, we have an Art of Smart app which you can download to access all of our comprehensive resources that have been designed by our highly experienced teachers that covers all types of subjects from K-12 levels!

Proficiently Tutoring Gold Coast Students in all K-12 subjects since 2009.


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Our Amazing Gold Coast Tutoring provides...

Tailored Gold Coast Tutoring

Customised lesson plans that targets your needs and goals

Motivating Mentors

Expand your university degree and future career options

Effective Personal Growth

Learn how to focus on your mental health while acing your assessments

Productive study tips

Work smart, not hard with effective study methods and organisational skills

Up-to-date resources

Gain access to our comprehensive resources designed by experts

Dedicated Tutors

Passionate teachers who invest in your academic development

We’d love to chat with you to learn more about your goals for school!

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Why Gold Coast Tutoring with Art of Smart?

Get confident and stress less for your exams

💪 93% increase confidence

Almost all our Gold Coast Tutoring customers say that our tutors’ teaching methods work well to increase their child’s understanding and confidence!

🍎 Develop healthy study habits

We provide you with a holistic study and learning plan to get you motivated, manage your time, boost your memory retention and more!

Learn to balance your studies with your mental health

🌱 Maintain your wellbeing while at school

Learn how to minimise study-related stress and anxiety with our Gold Coast tutoring so you can stay happy and healthy while at school!

💡 Holistic tutoring founded upon research

We’ve conducted over 10 years of research with the top 2% of students in Australia on how to study smarter, not harder.

Our Holistic Approach


Maintain your wellbeing

Balance your studies with your mental health


Grow confident

Get on top of your study and boost your marks


Develop study habits

Get organised and develop healthy study routines

Achieve Your Personal Best.

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Gold Coast Tutoring equipping students for life after school since 2009

We know school isn’t just about academic success — it’s also about maintaining your wellbeing and answering the difficult question, “What am I going to do with my life when I finish school, and how do I get there?”

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Incredible Gold Coast Tutoring Resources

For all K-12 students, Art of Smart’s Gold Coast Tutoring provides extensive resources that are developed by experts for almost every subject. These resources are designed to cover all bases of the Queensland curriculum, to ensure you are holistically equipped with relevant knowledge and skills. 

Our Gold Coast tutoring team can print out resources and deliver to your own home for free! Alternatively, you can also find our online versions through our Art of Smart application. 

Your Art of Smart Gold Coast Tutor will use these resources during lessons and for homework to help you achieve your study goals for the week. In these resources, you will find a diverse assortment of learning tools which vary depending on the subject the resource is focused on. For example, for English resources, you will have skill-building activities, sample essays and exam style questions. Meanwhile, for Mathematics resources, you will receive worked examples and lots of practice questions with varying levels of difficulty. 

Gold Coast Tutoring Designed for You

Our Gold Coast Tutoring team makes it their priority to collaborate with its students to develop a learning plan that targets areas that require additional support so we don’t waste your time. 

P-6 students can expect a diagnostic test from their Gold Coast tutor to deduce your level of understanding of the subject to identify key focus areas for future lessons. 

Meanwhile, Year 7 to 12 students will be asked to present their previous assessment results to help their Gold Coast tutoring staff pinpoint areas of improvement and prioritise certain learning activities and resources to use to help you succeed on a holistic level.