Private Chemistry Tutors Sydney


Proven 1 on 1 Chemistry tutoring in the comfort of your home in Sydney



Expert Chemistry tutors for students of all ages across Sydney

If you’re looking for a Chemistry tutor here in Sydney that is not only affordable but will coach, support and motivate your child then turn to Art of Smart.

Our Sydney tutors come to your home to teach all aspects of the Chemistry curriculum from year 7 through to year 12. We also offer specialised HSC exam coaching that fully prepares students for their big exams.

Inspirational mentoring and tuition from our academic coaches

We have a team of high quality tutors that can instil confidence and motivate your child through personalised teaching techniques. Our experience in education along with a passion for helping students learn has given us a proven track record in tuition.

Chemistry tutors committed to your child’s learning needs

At Art of Smart we tailor our lesson plans to suit the way your child learns. We see this as vital to helping them engage with the subject and in turn reach their academic potential.

We offer our private tuition at an affordable price, so contact us today to book or for more information on our services.