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Frustrated that you're not getting the results you want at school?


Struggling with motivation & developing a good study routine?


Wanting to gain more confidence in your subjects at school?


Looking for an incredible tutor & mentor to guide and support you?


Frustrated that you’re not getting the results you want at school?


Struggling with motivation & developing a good study routine?


Wanting to gain more confidence in your subjects at school?


Looking for an incredible tutor & mentor to guide and support you?


1. We show you how to excel at school through personalised 1 on 1 tutoring

Our team of passionate and knowledgeable teachers & mentors work with students from grades K-12 at our campus in Hornsby, or in the comfort of your home to identify your specific strengths and areas of improvement to help you master the curriculum and improve your results at school.

2. We get you motivated, confident and organised with inspirational mentoring

Recognising that excelling in school isn’t simply an equation of knowing the curriculum, our team of tutors act as role models to mentor, support, challenge and encourage you! We provide you with a personalised study and learning plan to help you get motivated, organise your time, boost your memory retention and more!

3. We’re backed by 10 years of research with Australia’s top students

We’ve conducted research with the Top 2% of students in Australia who scored an ATAR of over 98 to identify recommendations and resources on studying and excelling in school. Our team draw upon this research in their sessions with you so you can be confident that we know exactly how to help you achieve your goals for school!

Through working with Thea and Anthony, Paris has transformed her results from 50% to 86% in her HSC English Trials! She has also gone from hating Hamlet to it now being her favourite text! The best thing about Anthony is that they have built a fantastic connection with Paris, and provided her with feedback and support to help her enhance her essays, analysis and her use of literary techniques!”

Read How Paris Transformed her Results from 50% to 86% in HSC English

Our Unique Approach

Personalised Tutoring

Whether it’s  1 on 1 in your home or at our campus, we personalise the sessions to target areas you need help in!

Inspirational Mentoring

We help you develop a powerful study habit, organise your time, create powerful study notes, prepare for exams and more!

Passionate Teachers

Our passionate team have proven academic track records and make the complex simple for you to understand!

Backed by 10 Years Research

Our team draws upon over 10 years of research we’ve conducted with over 2,500+ students who have scored ATARs of over 98!

Individual Learning Plans

We develop an individual learning plan for you that’s tailored to your personal goals and help you stay accountable!

Comprehensive Resources

Designed for the new HSC syllabus by our team of qualified teachers, they rigorously cover the syllabus, dot point by dot point.

Exam Style Homework

Test and enhance your knowledge and receive feedback on your progress as you prepare for your school exams!

Track Your Progress Online

As you progress through the year, use our online platform to see what you’ve achieved in each session, so you can keep track of your journey!

We’d love to chat with you to learn more about your goals for school

Successfully helping students excel at school and transition to rewarding further studies and careers since 2009


Students we’ve tutored & mentored


Ave mark increase of our students


Hours we’ve tutored & counting

We’ve built an incredible team to support and guide you who are…

Academically Successful with Strong Subject Matter Expertise

First and foremost, to be a great teacher and tutor you need to know your stuff, and that’s why our tutors and mentors are all academically successful, including qualified teachers to 98+ ATAR scorers and State Rankers.

This means our team has practical, in-depth and fresh knowledge about the subjects they teach so they can ensure you develop a powerful understanding of your school syllabus!

Clear Communicators who Transform Complex to Simple

While having strong academic credentials is important, it’s even more important to be able to communicate clearly – and that’s why our team are exceptional communicators, many coming from backgrounds in debating, public speaking and drama.

As a result, not only is our team incredibly knowledgeable, they are communicators who can make the most difficult things simple to understand.

Role Models to Guide, Support & Inspire You

We believe that great teachers go beyond teaching the curriculum. They coach, mentor, advise and inspire and as part of our holistic approach all our team provide mentoring to help you develop confidence, powerful study habits, organise your time, prepare effectively for exams and help you successfully transition from high school to life after school!

As a result, our tutors are role models to guide you through the complexities of school!

Plus our team is…

Cleared to Work with Children

Our team have undergone state-based child protection screening checks to ensure they can work with young people so you can rest assured!

Certified through our Training Program

Our team get certified through our comprehensive training which equips them with the skills they need to deliver great quality tutoring and mentoring for you!

Equipped with Extensive Resources

All of our team have at their fingertips thousands of comprehensive notes, exam papers, worksheets and more to give you what you need, when you need it!

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals

Success Stories

Alex K
When Alexander’s results in Maths and Science had slipped to near the bottom of his class, we decided to look for tutoring for Alexander with someone who could build a fantastic relationship with him and be a mentor! We’ve been blown away by Art of Smart over the last 18 months! Alexander is now near the top of this class thanks to his tutor’s support and encouragement! Benedict has instilled confidence in Alexander and is a fantastic role model!”

Read How Alex Got Confident & Achieved Top 10 in Year 8 Maths within 12 Months

When Chantel’s results in Maths and English slipped to a C we knew we needed to do something! I called Art of Smart and felt confident immediately that they could help. We knew we’d made the right decision when after a few lessons I could hear Chantel asking questions!! Chantel’s confidence has sky rocketed and her results have as well. In a short period of time she’s gone from a C in Maths to 5th in her grade and in English she’s moved up to a Band 5 which means she’s on track to getting into Primary School teaching at university!”

Read How Chantel Transformed Her Year 11 English Results by Feeling Comfortable to Ask Questions!

“Aura was struggling in Maths and the feedback from the school was that “She isn’t good at Maths!” I found this very frustrating so we thought we’d try tutoring. As a result of working with Art of Smart, when Aura is asked what she likes about a school, she now says, “I love Maths!” It is such a delight to hear her say this, because a term before she would say, “I hate Maths. I can’t do it!” Her results have also improved! In a single term she’s moved up 1 level in Maths now as well!

Read How Aura in Year 6 Transformed from Hating to Loving Maths in a Single Term






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We’re Ready for the New HSC Syllabus

Our Resource Design Team of qualified teachers and senior tutors has rigorously crafted thousands of pages of notes and practice questions on the new HSC Curriculum for you, covering EVERY single dot point you need to know.

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