As a Pathfinder, we’ll help you achieve success regardless of your ATAR.









Feel like you’re studying hard yet still don’t get the results you want?


 Find yourself losing  energy or feeling anxious and overwhelmed?


 Feel like you’re   watching your dreams of a good ATAR slip away?


Hear friends talking about what they’ll study at uni, while you have no idea?


1. Ace your assessments and final HSC exams while staying healthy so that you can follow any path after you graduate

We’ll give you access to over 10 years of research and provide the methods required to master your time management, maximise your study time and reduce your stress and anxiety so you can achieve your personal best in exams and assessments. This means no more cramming, no more losing sleep, and no more freaking out.

2. Get clarity on your career path and into your dream course by successfully navigating your uni preferences and offers

The future of work is changing and it’s getting harder and harder for students to decide what path they should follow. We’ll help you establish the foundations for pursuing your future career through setting goals, optimising university preferences and developing the skills and resources required to impress employers and universities.

3. Maximise your future options through early entry and scholarships to stand out and get ahead in your career

Did you know that only 1 in 3 Australian university graduates can find full-time work? In the competitive nature of today’s workplace, the ability to distinguish yourself is an extremely valuable asset. We’ll provide you with guidance regarding your career pathways, personal branding and networking.

Ming Yu
“The amazing team at Art of Smart mentored me on how to study effectively leading up to exams through mentoring, workshops and practice exams especially leading up to the HSC exams, and into university. I was mentored to think about my life after the HSC: my career vocations, my goals outside of academic life and my own wellbeing.  Overall, Art of Smart was imperative in my HSC year, allowing me to see how goals can be achieved academically and beyond!”

Camille – Received MQ Early Entry, Bachelor of Arts/Law Macquarie University

Becoming a Pathfinder will help you…

Improve Your Marks

Through mentoring we will help you develop the key skills you need so your marks reflect your potential and you are ace your assessments and HSC exams!

Choose Your Uni Course

We help you pick the right degree and university for you, and help you navigate university preferences and early entry!

Apply for Early Entry & Scholarships

With millions of dollars of scholarships available, we help you apply successfully for scholarships, co-ops & cadetships!

Build Your Exam Technique

Say goodbye to stress and silly mistakes in exams as we help you avoid running out of time by building your exam technique.

Develop a Powerful Study Routine

We help you develop a powerful study routine so you can minimise procrastination and study smart for your HSC!

Practice Job Interviews & Craft a Resume

We help you prepare for interviews with potential employers & build a resume that distinguishes you in the professional world.

Explore Your Passions

We help you explore your passions, interests and values so you can confidently identify potential career pathways.

Stay Healthy and Avoid Burnout

We help you balance all your co-curriculars and study so you can stay healthy during Years 10-12 and avoid burning out!

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Successfully helping students excel at school and transition to rewarding further studies and careers since 2009

1 in 2

Pathfinders received an Early Entry or Scholarship Offer


Avg. mark increase of our students


Students receive entry into their desired course


Monthly Personalised Mentoring Sessions

Attend monthly 1 on 1 sessions with one of our incredible Pathfinder mentors who will guide and support you as you execute a year-long game plan focused on your individual goals and needs so that you lift your results while staying healthy.

Your Pathfinder mentor will help you:

  • Set powerful goals that give clarity and motivation
  • Develop a rock-solid study routine
  • Prepare for your exams & reduce stress and anxiety
  • Manage your university preferences
  • Craft your scholarship applications, resume and LinkedIn profile.

As well as this, they will support you as you develop a personal project so you can stand out for university and job opportunities!

Monthly Workshops With Experts

Attend high energy workshops and events where experts cover cutting edge information required to maximise options and make a successful transition to life after school!

Led by CEOs, thought leaders & high performing HSC graduates, we explore topics such as:

  • How to Step Up from Year 11 to Year 12
  • Industry Specific Career Networking and Q&A Sessions
  • Early Entry, Scholarship and Cadetship Writing Support
  • HSC Mock Exam Sessions
  • Making First Class First Impressions: Interview Skills & Practice

Through each event, you will acquire new skills and develop your personal and professional network.

High Impact Quarterly Intensives

Attend 1 to 2-day deep dive intensives during school holidays that allow you to consolidate your progress and get ahead of the upcoming term.

These quarterly intensives target the key turning points of your year and provide a space to build connections with other students.

In these sessions, you will help you:

  • Develop 90-day plans for your HSC assessments and exams
  • Get ahead of your peers while avoiding cramming and burn-out
  • Get equipped with subject specific study strategies to ace your exams
  • Understand the future of work and find your pathway for uni and career
  • Perfect your early entry, scholarship, Co-Op an cadetship applications

Pathfinder Intensives maximise your opportunities and achieve success regardless of your ATAR!

Ming Yu
“Art of Smart was pivotal during my Year 11 and HSC. Under the Art of Smart Pathfinder team’s guidance, I was mentored in all aspects of school and life; from different study techniques all the way to networking and LinkedIn. My mentor’s guidance throughout my HSC process of applying to universities allowed me to choose the path that was right for me. They’re an absolutely amazing team who will work tirelessly to achieve whatever goals placed before them by you!

Zach – Bachelor of Engineering/Commerce at UNSW

Plus, you also receive…

HSC Mock Exams

Practice exam technique and master content in real exam conditions so you can feel relaxed and confident when the day comes.



Campus Study Pass

This will allow you to access our campus six days per week. If you ever need space to study, our campus is the perfect place to concentrate!

Inspiring Community

Connect with like-minded peers and mentors who will support and encourage you in your HSC and beyond.


Personal Project

We help you identify and create a personal project you can work on with your mentors. This will allow you to stand out from your peers!


Ming Yu
The Pathfinder Program and my sessions with my mentor has been one of the most valuable experiences of my schooling and professional career. School just doesn’t teach you the soft skills you need to turn your interests into a career, or to start growing your professional reputation. I learned the practical skills behind networking, interview skills, and gaining real expertise in your area of interest.”

Prudence – Received Sydney University Dayell’s Scholars Program, Bachelor of Arts/Advanced Studies

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