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Using HSC Legal Studies past papers are a great, time-effective way to apply your knowledge and reinforce the plethora of content you have learnt through the year in your Legal Studies class.

However, navigating the NESA website for these papers can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

So without further ado, here are an exhaustive list of HSC Legal Studies Past Papers and Marking Guidelines to help get your exam technique down pat — so it becomes a lot less stressful when it comes to crunch time!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get practising!

What should you do in preparation for the exams?
Legal Studies Past Papers

What should you do in preparation for the exams?

How you should go about studying for your final HSC Legal Studies exam will depend on how much time you have left until you sit the paper. No stress though, we’ve got advice for you regardless of where you’re at in your HSC journey.

If you’ve only started the Year 12 HSC Legal Studies syllabus…

You should start getting used to finding and using cases in your responses. We’ve got some tips on finding cases, as well as some legislation you can use for certain modules:

It’s also important to know how to write up answers for the different types of questions you’ll be asked in the exam. Below are guides on how to write up the different types of responses:

If you’re close to sitting your exam…

It’s time to sort out how you’re going to approach the paper. Which sections will you complete first? We’ve got some tips that can help you make a choice here!

Whether you have a week left until you’re scheduled to sit the exam, or you’re rushing to get some study in the night before, we’ve got guides to help you manage your time effectively. Check them out below:

We’ve equipped you with a number of resources to help you study, so now it’s time to have a go at some past papers!

YearHSC Legal Studies Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2021Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2020Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2019Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2018Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2017Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2016Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2015Exam PaperMarking Guidelines

Notes from the Marking Centre
2014Exam PaperMarking Guidelines

Notes from the Marking Centre
2013Exam PaperMarking Guidelines

Notes from the Marking Centre
2012Exam PaperMarking Guidelines

Notes from the Marking Centre

Sample Answers
2011Exam PaperMarking Guidelines

Sample Answers

Notes from the Marking Centre
2010Exam PaperMarking Guidelines

Sample Answers

And that wraps up our master list of HSC Legal Studies past papers — good luck!

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