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Katie and her son Aiden (Year 12), and daughter Paige (Year 10) have been working with Art of Smart for just under 1 year across English and Chemistry. We recently chatted to Katie who shared her experiences in working with Art of Smart and the impact it’s had for both Aiden and Paige!

Prior to getting started with Art of Smart, what help was Aiden and Paige needing? How were they feeling?

Paige has always wanted an English tutor as it’s always been her worst subject. She would always get an Academic Prize at her school and 90%+ in all her other subjects, but when it comes to English it doesn’t quite come together. Despite putting hours and hours into it her marks were sitting around 70%.

When we spoke to Paige’s school, her teachers basically said you just might have to accept she’s a B student which we were certainly not going to accept!

At Aiden’s school, his Chemistry teacher told his class to divide up all the topics, learn the content, and then teach the class for their HSC!

They aren’t great teachers and he was really struggling and absolutely hated Chemistry! He thought it was the worst subject in the world! So we needed someone who was going to be able sit down and explain it thoroughly to Aiden!

How did you hear about Art of Smart and why did you choose us?

While there are so many tutoring colleges out there, I saw an article in the newspaper on Art of Smart Education and Rowan Kunz and was impressed by their approach and philosophy!

I then kept it in my mind until we decided that both Paige and Aiden were needing help – that’s when we got in touch.

What was the moment in working with Art of Smart that you knew you’d made the right decision? Why? What did we do?

Ultimately it’s when your kid responds, “It was really good! I got lots out of it” and then actually want to attend sessions and stay longer! That’s the moment.

I remember when Aiden went to Art of Smart’s holiday workshop for HSC English before his trials, I asked him how it was and when he said “It was really great Mum. I enjoyed it!” I just about fell out of my chair. Aiden said to that he learned more in a few days than he did in the entire year in school!.

Additionally, once you get the tutors in your home for the first time you realise how good they are! I’m a high school teacher myself and am picky, but when our tutors, Elise and Helen arrived (who were university students) and they come with this fantastic plan and approach for the lessons I was very impressed! They are fantastic at teaching!

What have we done to help your son and daughter with this? How do they feel now?

Paige is now getting 17/20 for English which is fantastic! She’s improved by 15% and even more importantly it’s improved her confidence! Elise has been a fantastic sounding board for Paige and helps Paige talk through her challenges, develop ideas, edit her work and more! This has been incredibly helpful.

Helen worked her magic with Aiden and he got 81% in the Trial HSC Exam for Chemistry which was great given that it was Aiden’s worst subject and he hated it! He’s now working to build this by 5-10% into a Band 6 which has been quite a transformation.

Additionally, Aiden also ended up getting the top mark in the whole year for his HSC English Creative Writing piece for his HSC Trials!

Another other comments?

I’ve been so impressed! Art of Smart’s tutors know what they are doing – they are all fantastic communicators! They will come and chat with me as parent, telling me the plan of attack, what they’ve worked on and what they are doing!

My experience from the initial sign up has been great! I love the philosophy and approach of Art of Smart and the emails with resources, event and additional support that Art of Smart send me as well. I’m not inundated – they come at the right time, with the right information!

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