BlogStudyHow do your IA results REALLY measure up with other Year 12 students for the QCE? Find Out Here! ⬇️

How do your IA results REALLY measure up with other Year 12 students for the QCE? Find Out Here! ⬇️

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Just got your IA results back and have no idea how your marks actually compare with the rest of QLD?

Unsure if your marks are on track to achieve your goal ATAR or not?

There’s good news! With Art of Smart Education’s ‘QCE Cohort Comparison Tool’ you can now:

  • Insert your IA results across each of your subjects
  • Find out how your IA results rank against EVERY student in QLD studying the same subject
  • Find out if your IA result is on track to achieve your ATAR goal or if you have work to do!

Check it out below!

Introducing the QCE Cohort Comparison Tool

Understanding the Importance of Knowing Your Position

Just because your marks appear to be high doesn’t mean you are actually ranked high up in your cohort… 😮

For example, an 88% in Physics, as good as it sounds, may only mean you are in the top 39% of students!

With this tool, you’ll get greater insight into how you’re tracking towards your goal ATAR and subjects where you may need to improve — motivating you to keep going and striving for higher marks! We’ve created the ‘QCE Cohort Comparison Tool’ with the specific aim of giving students this much-needed perspective.

How Does the QCE Cohort Comparison Tool Work?

Simply download the Google Sheet, enter in your marks, and your insights will be there! Simple, right?

Well, there’s a little more than goes on behind the scenes. By using data which QCAA releases at the end of each year, we can see how many students score each mark for each individual assessment and for the overall year!

Using this information, we can graph your position against the rest of the previous year’s cohort data, and predict where you are likely to sit compared to your current cohort!

For example, if you achieved an 8/10 for the Physics IA1, you’d expect to be doing pretty well right? Actually, you would be sitting in the bottom 45% of Physics students, even though you only missed two marks!

Then, if you achieved a 16/20 on your Physics IA2, again, only a few marks lost, but you’re down to the bottom 36% of students for this assessment, and in the bottom 43% overall!

Then, using that information we can predict that your ATAR will be somewhere in the ~79 range.

How Can You Use The Tool?

#1: As a Wake-Up Call!

Sometimes, all you need to wake up to the reality of your marks is to visually see the data! We didn’t make this tool to create unnecessary stress, but to actually avoid it!

Through this tool, we hope that students, like yourself, will be able to understand where they truly sit in their cohort, so they can map out a plan of attack and work harder towards where they want to be.

Give some solid thought to where you are, and where you thought you were. Were you expecting your marks to land you where you actually are within your cohort?

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#2: Setting Realistic Goals for Academic Progress

As a student, setting goals is crucial to keep yourself motivated and succeed in your academics.

A lot of the time, students will set random numbers for goals marks, that sound pretty high — this isn’t the right approach to take! With the ‘QCE Cohort Comparison Tool’, you’ll be able to set more realistic and achievable targets based on where you currently stand, and see where those goals will lead you at the end of the year!

By tracking your progress over time, you can celebrate your improvements and stay motivated to work harder toward achieving your goals and ATAR!

Either plug in the results you have achieved, and work out what you will need to aim for the rest of the year, or use the tool to work backwards from where you need to be, to where you are.

Find out what IA1 mark you need to be on track for an ATAR over 90!

#3: Understanding Your Results from Visualising Your Marks

Numbers alone may not always paint a clear picture. Our ‘QCE Cohort Comparison Tool’ takes the hard-to-understand data and plots it into a simple Google Sheets calculator, presenting your academic standings in easy-to-understand graphs and charts. This visual representation helps you grasp your progress and areas of improvement effortlessly.

It also offers a visual reminder of what the bell-curve actually looks like! Looking at the distribution of marks for each subject, we can gather valuable insights into which subjects are experiencing the ‘ceiling effect’, such as Specialist Maths and Chemistry, and which are not, like General Maths. It may be easier to get ahead of the curve in some subjects, yet impossible in others!

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So there you have it!

Now you’ve gained access to the ‘QCE Cohort Comparison Tool’, you are able to compare your marks to where the rest of your cohort is sitting, and gain valuable insights into how you are really going for your ATAR.

Use these insights to guide your study and priorities headed into the rest of the year, and push yourself up above the rest of your grade to secure your ATAR score!

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