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5 Tips For What to Do When Your IA1 Assessments Are in Year 11

IA1 in Year 11

QCAA’s initial vision for the ATAR system was to have one assessment per subject, each term. Sounds simple right? Just focus on one assessment each time exam period comes around? Not so!

Because of the weighting of the huge external exams at the end of the year, some schools have made the call to move forward the whole school year to make room for extra study come September and October!

This has unfortunately resulted in a bit of a dilemma for students, as some schools have moved IA1 (yes, the first assessment of Year 12 Unit 3, to the end of Year 11! It doesn’t seem fair, we know. But the up side is that you’ll get way more study for a month before your external exams.

So, this then begs the question, what on earth should I do when my IA1 assessments are at the end of Year 11 and what can I do to prepare?

We’re here to help, so let’s get into it!

What is an IA?
How to Prepare For IA1s in Year 11
Tip #1: Get Some Rest
Tip #2: Refer to Your FIA1
Tip #3: Use Your Teachers
Tip #4: Complete Practice Questions and Use Resources
Tip #5: Get Support

What is an IA?

IA stands for ‘internal assessment’ and there are 3 of them that you will need to complete in Year 12 for each of your subjects. These assessment items are school-based, meaning, your teachers create them.

The task, however, is similar from school to school — you may just focus on a different topic or idea. The last assessment piece you will complete is your EA, or external assessment. These are the external exams (but let’s not worry about those just yet). 

The IA1 is the first piece of assessment in your senior schooling that will contribute to your ATAR.

In Year 11 (or Units 1 and 2), you would have completed what are called FAs, or formative assessments. These are essentially mock assessment pieces for what you will be doing in Year 12. They contribute to your QCE, but not your ATAR, and they are based on the Units 1 and 2 content. 

Check out our Ultimate Term 1 Resource List for all the articles you need to ACE the first term of Year 12!

Each IA has a different weighting and this weighting varies again between subjects. For example, IA1 for English is worth 25% of your total grade for the year. For Mathematics subjects, your IA1 is worth 20%, and for Sciences, it’s worth only 10%. 

And there you have it! That is what you should expect when tackling your IA1s. Don’t forget to check out the resources linked throughout this article — I promise, you wont regret it!

When you’ve received your IA marks, you should check out how you’re tracking for your goal ATAR with our QCE Cohort Comparison Tool! You can also discover the best schools in Brisbane with our Ultimate Brisbane ATAR School Ranking List.

If you’re interested in reading a more in-depth guide on what each IA1 assessment is, check out our guide on how to ace the IA1 Assessments!

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What to do when your IA1 Assessment is at the end of Year 11

Firstly, don’t stress out too much! Remember, the IA1 assessment is only worth 10-20% of your overall mark. There’s a reason why your school has made this call, and that’s because they are confident that your teachers are equipped to prepare you for this assessment early!

Tip #1: Rest Between the End of Year 11 and the Start of Unit 3

If you’re in this boat, it’s likely that you’ll be doing two rounds of assessments in Term 4 of Year 11. One being your end of year 11 exams, the other being your IA1.

It is super important that you find some time to rest and recharge between the end of Year 11 and the start of Unit 3, so that you don’t get burnt out and can focus on giving IA1 your best!

Tip #2: Refer Back to Your FIA1 Assignment

Since Year 11 is supposed to be an exact copy of Year 12, you would’ve just completed an FIA1 assessment at the start of Year 11. Don’t forget to refer back to the structure and content of your marked report to help guide your structure and study for the real deal!

Use the feedback from Year 11 to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as you did in your FIA1 — this is your chance to show how much you have learnt since the beginning of the year.

This particularly applies to the Maths PSMT! For help with the PSMT, check out our guide on how to ACE the Maths IA1!

Tip #3: Use Your Teachers as a Resource

Remember for the most part, your teachers are allowed to help, so long as you ask! They are there to support you and offer feedback, support, and guidance for writing your assignments.

It’s super important, especially for subjects like English, to get in your draft to the absolute best quality you can, so that your feedback can take your report from an 80% to 100%, rather than 60% to 80%.

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Tip #4: Complete Practice Questions of Past Papers from QCAA or Art of Smart

QCAA hasn’t thrown you in the deep end here! They’ve provided sample assessments and practice tests for you to do to ace your IA1s.

We’ve also written a tonne of practice questions for you to try, and sample assessments (anywhere from data test questions to a sample PSMT!). These practice questions also include solutions.

Check our your relevant resources below:

Tip #5: Get Support With a Tutor

Have you set a goal mark for the IA1? Find out what IA1 mark you need to score to be on track for an ATAR above 90?

It’s no secret that doing the Year 12 journey with someone who has done it before will boost your marks and give you the confidence you need to ace your first assessments before Year 12 has even officially begun!

Get in touch to secure your local tutor who has been through the QCE ATAR system themselves and achieved excellent results!

Once you have your IA1 assessment results back, why not put them into our QCE Cohort Comparison Tool to track your progress and see your ATAR outlook!?

There you have it! These are 5 simple tips to help you survive the end of Year 11 and ace your first official ATAR assessment!

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