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The Most Affordable High Schools in Brisbane Based on ATAR Results

Thinking about enrolling your child at an affordable high school in Brisbane in the near future?

The cost of living is biting hard with less free cash, less flexibility and less disposable income. It begs the question of where you can hold back on spending excess cash — including schooling.

Yes, education should always be a priority. But what if you could actually get a better education, for less cost? No one wants to compromise their child’s education because of financial strain — but what if there was no compromise?

We’ve done the calculations, and worked out what the most cost efficient schools are, based on return per dollar — how much value are you really getting out of the best of the best schools?

Top ATAR Schools in Brisbane Based on Tuition Fees
Top ATAR Schools Weighted by Lowest Weekly Housing Price in Brisbane

How We Calculated the Scores

To calculate the ranking, publicly released data was gathered for each school including data on the percentage of students at each school who scored ATAR results above 80, 90, 95 and 99. We then averaged those percentages into a single score.

This was mapped against the state distribution (using the publicly released QTAC information), and then bravo! We are then able to identify the number of times (outperforming percentage) that a school performs above the state distribution.

With tuition fees, by simply dividing the cost of tuition by the outperformance percentage, you can work out how much value per dollar you are getting in each school (or in other words, it’s an ROI figure).

The Top ATAR Schools in Brisbane Based on Tuition Fees

The average tuition fees for QLD private schools this year will amount to $10,679, but which schools actually return the most value per dollar?

The first category was the Top ATAR Schools based on Tuition Fees, which had some surprising results. Redlands College came out on top, with All Hallows’ School and Brisbane Girls Grammar following closely by.

As you can see, Redlands College had an ROI score of $58.51, meaning that for every % above the state average that a student scores, it costs roughly ~$58 in school fees!

Ranking #SchoolOutperforming Score (%)Tuition Cost ($)ROI ($ cost per %)
1Redlands College172.44%$10,090.00$58.51
2All Hallows' School213.58%$15,705.00$73.53
3Brisbane Girls Grammar School345.81%$28,555.00$82.58
4Brisbane Grammar School352.55%$30,320.00$86.00
5Ormiston College172.44%$15,371.00$89.14
6Mt St Michael's College138.96%$12,669.00$91.17
7St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School234.77%$28,421.00$121.06
8Mount Alvernia College80.77%$10,565.00$130.80
9Genesis Christian College11.17%$1,495.00$133.83
10Anglican Church Grammar School223.60%$30,266.00$135.36
11St Margaret's Anglican Girls School201.34%$28,635.00$142.22
12Northside Christian College64.98%$9,350.00$143.90
13Villanova College103.95%$15,741.00$151.43
14Ipswich Girls' Grammar School121.11%$19,052.00$157.31
15St Rita's College56.96%$10,670.00$187.32
16Sheldon College86.03%$17,032.00$197.97
17Cannon Hill Anglican College86.65%$18,160.00$209.57
18St Laurence's College50.90%$10,713.00$210.47
19St John Fisher College17.22%$3,646.00$211.74
20Loreto College Coorparoo60.52%$13,216.00$218.38

This means that overall, these schools are the most value for money that Brisbane consumers can get, however, they range in school type and gender streaming.

Learn more about the top Brisbane schools ranked by school type!

The Top ATAR Schools in Brisbane by Average Weekly Housing Cost

This next category ranked a weekly housing cost we created with ATAR performance. The weekly average housing cost factored in average mortgage repayments with average rent, to create an overall figure for each suburb.

Ranking #SchoolSuburbAverage Weekly Housing Cost ($)Weighted Performance Score
1Ipswich Girls' Grammar SchoolIpswich400289%
2Brisbane Grammar SchoolBrisbane700270%
3Brisbane Girls Grammar SchoolSpring Hill700262%
4Brisbane State High SchoolSouth Brisbane637179%
5St Aidan's Anglican Girls' SchoolCorinda650179%
6Sheldon CollegeSheldon473176%
7Mansfield State High SchoolMansfield612164%
8All Hallows' SchoolBrisbane700105%
9Anglican Church Grammar SchoolEast Brisbane72097%
10Redlands CollegeWellington Point66590%
11Canterbury CollegeWaterford52078%
12Somerville HouseSouth Brisbane63766%
13Ormiston CollegeOrmiston70056%
14Genesis Christian CollegeBray Park50555%
15St John's Anglican CollegeForest Lake52054%
16Cannon Hill Anglican CollegeCannon Hill60052%
17Mount Gravatt State High SchoolMount Gravatt52745%
18St Paul's SchoolBald Hills53042%
19Grace Lutheran CollegeRothwell52038%
20The Springfield Anglican CollegeSpringfield51733%
21The Lakes CollegeNorth Lakes57031%
22Northside Christian CollegeEverton Park59531%
23Villanova CollegeCoorparoo65024%
24St Joseph's Nudgee CollegeBoondall57019%
25Mount Alvernia CollegeKedron63016%

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar came out on top in terms of cheapest housing cost for schools, followed by the Brisbane Grammar twins, and Brisbane State High, whose results were so high, that even with higher housing costs, it was worth the investment.

In terms of other cost-efficient schools based on housing cost, Sheldon College in 6th place ($473 p/w), Genesis Christian College in 14th place ($505 p/w) and Springfield Anglican College in 20th place ($517 p/w) are also very economic options.

The Verdict

Even though the cost of living is surging with no relief on the horizon, prospective school goers should know that there are high value per dollar schools out there, that can help you get the most for your investment!

So, where to next? Check out how co-ed and single sex schools rank in Brisbane based on ATAR results!

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Don’t see your school on here? It’s likely that your school does not publicly publish their ATAR data or we missed your results! Publicly submit your data in 2023 or contact us at [email protected] to submit your results to Art of Smart Education.

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