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Top 5 Schools of Psychology in Australia for 2022 Revealed

Keen to study psychology but aren’t sure which universities are the best to study the degree in Australia?

It’s been dubbed a trendy course for a few years now, but there’s a lot of academic rigour sitting behind the humble psychology degree. If you like helping people, thinking critically and creating long-term solutions, this may be a great career path for you!

Sit back and relax (and soon help your clients to do the same), because we have the best places to kickstart your psychology study! 

#5. The Australian National University 

ANU - School of Psychology

Image sourced from Research School of Psychology – ANU


The Australian National University (ANU) comes in at number five for Psychology study in Australia, according to QS Top University Rankings By Subject 2022. It’s also 39th in the world. 

ANU boasts the status of Australia’s top university, according to QS Top Universities in Australia 2022. 


You will find ANU in Canberra, surrounded by national museums, galleries, memorials and Parliament House. Studying in the country’s capital will give you access to the Research School of Psychology.

There are two main ways to study Psychology at ANU. Both the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and the Bachelor of Science (Psychology) will allow you to have psych as your major study focus. 

These degrees have a focus on research design and data analysis to ensure you know how to use psychological science technology. 

The Bachelor of Psychology, which is three years in length, is offered in seven different double degree variations. This is a great way to diversify your study and find what you love best — you could even put Psychology with Business Administration if you plan to own your own company!

You may also dabble in a Psychology major through a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts, taking a minimum of just 30 psychology units, or 5 subjects. 

Scholarships are available here!

Entry Requirements 

ANU direct applicant students must fulfil a co-curricular or service requirement that demonstrates they are active members of their community. They must also meet academic requirements. 

Currently, the ATAR requirements for each degree are: 

#4. The University of Queensland 

UQ Campus - School of Psychology

Image sourced from UQ Future Students


The University of Queensland comes in as the fourth best university for psychology study in Australia, and 32nd in the world. 

This is Australia’s fifth best ranked university, overall. 


Whether you’re looking to study near home or make a sunny move up north, Queensland University may be a great option for you. You will study at the School of Psychology, located at the St Lucia campus in the heart of Brisbane. 

Undergraduate Psychology can be studied through a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) if you’re keen to transition into postgraduate study. 

Graduates from the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science may also complete Honours if their marks are high enough. 

These three-year degrees (or four if an Honours year is completed) offer flexible double degrees and majors. You could study a Bachelor of Science with a Bachelor of Engineering, or even a Bachelor of Music.

This page explains exactly what the difference between each degree is, so you can find what would suit you best! 

Scholarships are available for these degrees and can be found here.  

Entry Requirements 

Current minimum ATAR requirements are as follows: 

#3. The University of Sydney 

USYD - School of Psychology

Image sourced from Microsoft News


Sitting at number 28 globally, the University of Sydney (USyd) is Australia’s third best university for psychology. 

It is also Australia’s third best university overall, according to QS Top Universities in Australia 2022.


You can find the University of Sydney’s School of Psychology nestled in glorious old buildings just outside of the CBD. It’s also walking distance from two major stations! 

As the Head of School, Professor Frans Verstraten will oversee your study. 

At USyd, you can complete a Psychology major through seven different undergraduate courses and double degrees. You can also combine undergraduate degrees with postgraduate study in a similar field. Check out the full list here!

Most notably, you can study a straight Bachelor of Psychology. You can also undertake a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Arts or combine the two and study a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science. 

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science, you can study very diverse majors to complement your Psychology study, including Anatomy and Histology, Ancient Greek and Animal Production. 

This university also runs the world’s first university-based Coaching Psychology unit. While this is available mainly to postgraduate students, you will have the opportunity to get involved in the university Clinic and events. 

Scholarships for USyd can be found here!

Entry Requirements 

A full list of degree requirements are available through the USyd website. Current minimum ATAR requirements for popular Psychology courses are as follows: 

#2. The University of New South Wales

UNSW Campus - School of Psychology (Best Universities in Australia for Psychology)

Image sourced from UNSW Events


The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is Australia’s second best university for studying Psychology. It’s also ranked at number 26 in the world for this field. 

UNSW boasts as Australia’s fourth best university, overall according to QS Top Universities on Australia in 2022. 


UNSW is set in Kensington, a short bus ride from the famous Bondi beach and shopping precincts such as Paddington. Here, you will be studying in the School of Psychology!

At this university, you can study either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Psychological Science as three years degrees. A Bachelor of Science will allow you to take diverse subjects across Science and Arts, while a Bachelor of Psychological Science is more focused to the specific major. 

Importantly, if you plan to transition into a postgraduate psychology degree, you must complete honours. This is the case at most Australian universities. UNSW offers a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) or a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours). 

All of these degrees offer the same minimum credit points for a Psychology major, plus Honours if available. 

Scholarships for UNSW can be found here!

Entry Requirements 

The current minimum ATARs are as follows: 

#1. The University of Melbourne 

Image sourced from University of Melbourne


The University of Melbourne is currently ranked first in Australia by QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2022. It’s also equal 17th in the world for a Bachelor of Psychology. 

It is also ranked second in Australia, overall, by QS Top Universities in Australia 2022. 

Keen to get into Melbourne or another one of these top universities? Make sure to set an ATAR goal and identify the marks you need this year!


Melbourne University is situated just outside of the CBD and is home to some beautiful campus buildings. It also houses the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, where you would be studying under Professor Sarah Wilson’s leadership. 

This university offers an undergraduate Psychology major through three different degrees. You may study a Bachelor of Arts, where you can combine your psychology study with majors including Chinese Studies or Creative Writing.

Discover more about studying a Psych major at Melbourne Uni here! 

In a Bachelor of Biomedicine or Bachelor of Science, you will look more at the scientific and health fields. Biomedicine in particular can lead you into research positions or more intensive postgraduate study like Bioengineering or Genetics. 

Each of these degrees last for three years. 

Scholarships for the University of Melbourne are available here!

Entry Requirements 

All of these degrees require you to score at least 25 in English or at least 30 in EAL. 

Current minimum ATARS for each degree are as follows:

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