Did you know that organising your Schoolies is a lot like picking a University Course?

If you’re going to Schoolies, you’re probably spending heaps of time looking at reviews, comparing hotels and doing research to make sure its the perfect week!

But do you put in this much effort in when planning for your future?

In this video, I’m going to explain the three things your Schoolies trip can tell you about picking the right University course for you!

#1: You’re Not Putting in Enough Time
#2: You Need to Compare
#3 Get Recommendations 

#1: You’re Not Putting in Enough Time

How much time do you spend trying to answer the big question of:

“What are you going to do with your life when you finish school?”

If we use planning for Schoolies as a time ratio, it reveals that you might not be thinking about this enough!

For example, if you spend five hours planning for one week on holiday, the time you’ve spent planning vs the time you’ll spend on holiday is roughly 3%.

Now, if a University Degree is five years long, the equivalent planning time of 3% would be 55 days!

That’s a lot of time.

It might be a bit overkill, but the point I’m trying to make is that planning for your life and University is much more important than planning a holiday. Right?

Despite this, if you’re spending a few hours researching for Schoolies, you’re disproportionately spending more time planning for your holidays than you are planning for your life.

So if you want to find the right Uni for you, there’s one thing you can do to get a great advantage.

Spend more time researching.

If you’re spending that much time planning for a holiday, you really need to dedicate more towards big life decisions.

Spend a big chunk looking at University websites and open days. Like researching hotels for Schoolies, this will help you greatly when picking a University!

#2: You Need to Compare

While it might not be as fun as Schoolies, going to open days is extremely important when picking a University.

However, don’t just go to ONE and think: “cool, I’m done.”

Let’s be honest, you won’t look at one holiday location or flight before you make a purchase decision. You’ll look at multiple and you’ll compare them.

The same principle should apply when you’re planning for University and your career.

Go to a bunch of Universities to find out what they offer. Ask similar questions so you can compare and contrast between them!

#3: Get Recommendations

Just like if you’re looking for a good Schoolies location, when picking a University you need to get multiple opinions.

If you’re going to Schoolies, you may have asked some older friends for recommendations on the best places to go and the best experiences to have.

You should do the same for your University and career.

Don’t just make a choice based on what you’ve seen online. Actually go and speak to people and find out what their advice, their suggestions, and their experiences are.

These are the people that have been there and done it!

If you can spend the time doing the research and speaking to people, you’re going to make such a better decision when it comes to picking a University.

We hope you enjoy your Schoolies! But make sure to keep in mind what is most important.

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