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VCE Legal Studies External Assessment Practice Questions

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Your VCE Legal Studies exam will be filled with both short answer questions and extended response questions — being prepared and doing some VCE Legal Studies External Practice Questions will make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises in the exam!

These can require a bit of practice, but fear not! Here is a list of 25 VCE Legal Studies External Practice Questions so you can develop and hone your question answering skills! 

Let’s get started! 

Question 1

Describe how the standard of proof is different from the burden of proof in a criminal case. (2 marks)

Question 2

Identify and describe one right of the accused in a criminal case. (1 mark) 

Question 3

Identify the role of Victoria Legal Aid. (1 mark)

Question 4

Explain one role of Victorian Community Legal Services. (2 marks) 

Question 5

Define one responsibility for two key personnel in a civil trial. (2 marks) 

Question 6

Jordan has been sentenced to 5 years in prison after being convicted of manslaughter.”

Identify one purpose of this sanction and discuss its appropriateness. (4 marks) 

Question 7

“Sam has been caught speeding, despite having received two fines for speeding in the past.”

Determine whether a fine is achieving its specific purpose in this case. (3 marks) 

Question 8

“Camille has been charged with aggravated assault after punching a woman and pulling a knife on her. Camille pleaded guilty immediately, but claims that the woman punched her first.”

Identify one aggravating factor and one mitigating factor in this case. (2 marks)

Question 9

Discuss the appropriateness of a plea negotiation in Camille’s case. (4 marks)

Question 10

Would a community corrections order be an appropriate sanction for Camille? Justify your response. (4 marks) 

Question 11

Would imprisonment achieve the principles of justice in Camille’s case? Justify your response. (4 marks)

Question 12

Explain the purpose of a plea negotiation in a criminal case. (3 marks)

Question 13

 Define the power to order mediation. (2 marks) 

Question 14

Give two examples of when mediation is considered an appropriate method of dispute resolution. (2 marks)

Question 15

 Explain one way by which the Australian Constitution acts as a check on Parliament in law-making. (2 marks) 

Question 16

 Define and explain exclusive, concurrent and residual powers. (3 marks) 

Question 17

 Discuss how political pressures affect the ability of parliament to make law. (4 marks) 

Question 18

 Discuss how the doctrine of precedent affects the ability of the courts to make law. (4 marks) 

Question 19

Identify one role of the Victorian courts in law-making. (1 mark) 

Question 20

Explain one reason for statutory interpretation. (2 marks) 

Question 21

Identify one role of the Crown in law-making. (1 mark) 

Question 22

Discuss how the representative nature of Parliament affects the ability of parliament to make laws. (4 marks) 

Question 23

Identify and explain one role of the media in law reform. (2 marks) 

Question 24

Identify and describe one reason for law reform. (2 marks)

Question 25 

Discuss two features of the relationship between parliament and the courts in law-making. (4 marks)

Answers for VCE Legal Studies External Assessment Practice Questions

Click here to download the solutions to the 25 practice questions above!

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