BlogTrailblazerLylah Ellao – The Scots School Albury | Top 50 Year 11 & Year 12 Trailblazer 2023

Lylah Ellao – The Scots School Albury | Top 50 Year 11 & Year 12 Trailblazer 2023

Lylah Ellao

What are the Trailblazer Awards?

The Trailblazer Awards celebrates Year 11 and Year 12 students beyond their ATAR, recognising those who have overcome personal challenges and used their final year of school to positively impact their community.

Our Trailblazers will have the opportunity to build their personal brand and profile as a future leader, learn how to successfully apply for Early Entry, Scholarships, Co-Op, and Cadetships Opportunities, and so much more!

Find out how Lylah navigated her senior schooling differently throughout 2023!

Introducing: Lylah Ellao

Category: Social Impact & Change

School: The Scots School Albury

State: NSW

Career Aspiration: Fieldwork in Geography and Sciences, Arts, and History


  • Recipient of the Young Future Leaders Award (Justice)
  • Wrote a research paper on refugee integration in regional Australia
  • Volunteered for the “Refugee Homework Help” program
  • Proficient in Guitar (Grade 8) and Piano

What makes Lylah a Trailblazer?

Lylah is a passionate and driven Trailblazer who has made a significant impact in the field of social justice and equity. Her outstanding achievements and diverse range of pursuits exemplify her commitment to creating positive change in her community and beyond.

Lylah’s remarkable journey includes being awarded the prestigious Young Future Leaders Award (Justice). This honour recognises her exceptional leadership and initiative in promoting intergenerational equity and future justice. Her dedication to these causes is evident through her research paper on refugee integration in regional Australia. Inspired by the curriculum negligence of inclusive multiculturalism in her Society and Culture class, Lylah embarked on a deep exploration of this important topic. Her research sheds light on the challenges faced by refugees in regional areas and provides valuable insights for future integration strategies.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Lylah actively volunteers for the “Refugee Homework Help” program. This initiative allows her to make a direct impact on the lives of Indian, Bhutanese, and Congolese women, as well as children seeking educational support. By employing participatory research methods, Lylah ensures that the voices and experiences of these individuals are heard and valued. Her work in this area not only enriches the lives of those she helps but also contributes to a more inclusive and equitable society.

Beyond her commitment to social impact, Lylah demonstrates exceptional talent and proficiency in the arts. She is a Grade 8 guitarist and pianist, showcasing her musical abilities and dedication to mastering her craft. Lylah’s artistic pursuits serve as outlets for self-expression and personal growth, allowing her to connect with others through the power of music.

Furthermore, Lylah is a multi-faceted individual who actively engages in a variety of activities. She participates in Theatre, where she hones her acting skills and collaborates with fellow artists to create meaningful performances. Lylah also excels in sports such as Tennis, Swimming, Running, Hiking, and Rock Climbing, showcasing her physical prowess and her dedication to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

In all her endeavours, Lylah exemplifies the qualities of a Trailblazer. Her passion, determination, and multidimensional skills set her apart as she strives to make a lasting impact in her community. Lylah’s achievements and contributions in the realms of social justice, education, and personal development make her a true inspiration and one of our Top 50 Trailblazers!

The Top 50 Year 11 and Year 12 Trailblazer Awards

The Trailblazer Awards aim to identify and celebrate students who use their final years of school to invest holistically in the skills and experiences that will maximise their own future opportunities and make a contribution to the future of our society.

Our winners for the Year 11 and Year 12 Trailblazer Awards have demonstrated initiative in volunteering for their school or community, have participated in co-curricular activities, and have held leadership positions within their schools.

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