BlogTrailblazerGillian Wang – Turramurra High School | Top 50 Year 11 & Year 12 Trailblazer 2023

Gillian Wang – Turramurra High School | Top 50 Year 11 & Year 12 Trailblazer 2023

Gillian Wang

What are the Trailblazer Awards?

The Trailblazer Awards celebrates Year 11 and Year 12 students beyond their ATAR, recognising those who have overcome personal challenges and used their final year of school to positively impact their community.

Our Trailblazers will have the opportunity to build their personal brand and profile as a future leader, learn how to successfully apply for Early Entry, Scholarships, Co-Op, and Cadetships Opportunities, and so much more!

Find out how Gillian navigated her senior schooling differently throughout 2023!

Introducing: Gillian Wang

Category: Social Impact & Change

School: Turramurra High School

State: NSW

Career Aspiration: Landscape Architecture


  • Founded and developed the social justice club at Turramurra High School.
  • Planned, organised, and participated in various events, including a successful bake sale that raised over $700 for Human Rights Day and a raffle and unity day that raised over $1000 for The Global Women’s Project on International Women’s Day.
  • Currently involved in organising a week-long series of events for Reconciliation Week 2023, including creating presentations and educational materials for school assemblies.
  • Contributed to events outside of school, such as volunteering for Legacy Day and raising over $900 for the families of veterans.

What makes Gillian a Trailblazer?

Gillian is a remarkable Trailblazer who has dedicated herself to social impact and change. Her most significant achievement in the past two years has been the founding and development of the social justice club at her school, where she holds a position of leadership as a senior member.

Under Gillian’s guidance, the social justice club at Turramurra High has made a tangible difference in the community. Gillian’s commitment to organising and participating in various events has been truly inspiring. In 2022, the club organised a highly successful bake sale during lunchtime, raising over $700 in just under an hour for Human Rights Day. Gillian played an active role in all aspects of the event, from initial conception to baking cupcakes and promoting the sale through creative posters.

Continuing her dedication to making an impact, Gillian was instrumental in organising a raffle and unity day for International Women’s Day, which raised over $1000 for The Global Women’s Project. Currently, Gillian is involved in planning a week-long series of events for Reconciliation Week 2023. Her direct involvement in educating her school community about reconciliation, through presentations and educational materials, showcases her commitment to fostering understanding and social cohesion.

Gillian’s engagement extends beyond school-based events. She has actively contributed to events outside of school, such as volunteering for Legacy Day, where she and her team raised over $900 for the families of veterans. Gillian’s involvement in such initiatives reflects her empathy and willingness to make a difference in the broader community.

In addition to her work in social justice, Gillian is an active member of the school’s debating group, participating in the Premier’s debating challenge since Year 8. This involvement has honed her critical thinking and communication skills, further strengthening her ability to advocate for meaningful change.

Gillian’s resilience and determination have been vital in her commitment to the social justice club. Despite obstacles and challenges, she has persisted and consistently achieved success. This experience has built her resilience and confidence, making her an effective project manager and leader. These skills will undoubtedly serve her well in her future education and career.

Growing up in a single-parent household with financial pressures, Gillian has learned the value of determination and resourcefulness. Despite the challenges, she remains driven to pursue her dreams. Gillian’s goal for the future is to work in landscape architecture, creating sustainable landscapes for communities in Australia and potentially internationally. Her passion for sustainability and community-driven design will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the built environment.

Gillian’s commitment to social justice, sustainability, and leadership makes her a true trailblazer. Her ability to initiate change, organise successful events, and engage with diverse communities sets her apart as a role model for others. Gillian’s unwavering dedication to social impact and her ability to overcome challenges demonstrate her resilience and determination. With her passion for landscape architecture and creating sustainable landscapes, Gillian is poised to make a meaningful difference in the world.

As Gillian continues to blaze a trail of positive change, her remarkable achievements, leadership skills, and commitment to social justice and sustainability cement her position as one of our Top 50 Trailblazers. Gillian’s future is bright, and we eagerly anticipate the impact she will make as she pursues her goals and continues to inspire others along the way.

The Top 50 Year 11 and Year 12 Trailblazer Awards

The Trailblazer Awards aim to identify and celebrate students who use their final years of school to invest holistically in the skills and experiences that will maximise their own future opportunities and make a contribution to the future of our society.

Our winners for the Year 11 and Year 12 Trailblazer Awards have demonstrated initiative in volunteering for their school or community, have participated in co-curricular activities, and have held leadership positions within their schools.

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