BlogStudyDownload our FREE HSC Smart Notion Template to Organise Your Study Notes

Download our FREE HSC Smart Notion Template to Organise Your Study Notes

Are you writing your study notes in random documents? When I was in Year 12, I was exactly where you are right now, which is why I’ve created our HSC Smart Notion Template for you!

Instead of writing ALL of your study notes right before assessments and exams roll around, this template is going to make your life way simpler.

Never used Notion? It’s a free tool you can get right now. Then, grab our template below!

Our FREE HSC Smart Notion Template includes:

  • A monthly calendar, to-do priorities page and assessment planner.
  • Subject-specific pages for note-taking that follow syllabus dot points.
  • Key resources on how to score a Band 6, memorise content, write essays and more.
  • Our smart habit tracker to help you form the perfect study routine.
  • A master list of past papers, practise questions and more sorted by subject.
  • A built-in pomodoro timer to keep you accountable when it’s time to study.

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