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20 Careers You Can Have With a Bachelor of Communications

Planning to or are in the midst of studying a Bachelor of Communications but aren’t sure what your options are in terms of communications careers?

You can dive into anything really! Almost every job needs communication; whether it be promoting a message, organising an event or coordinating team members. You can pretty much go anywhere, and do whatever you want with this degree. 

If you’re wondering what a Bachelor of Communications is all about, check out our articles on the various Communication degrees offered at different universities: 

But if you’re running out of ideas, let’s chat about 20 fun and interesting communications careers you can venture into with your degree.

So, let’s get into it!

Film and Media
Social Media and Online
Public Sector

Film and Media

Communications Careers - Film and Media

#1: Media producer

Three, two, one — action!

Have you ever wanted to work alongside big names such as the dashing Chris Hemsworth or the stunning Margot Robbie? Do you ever dream of making stories and scripts come to life as movies and TV shows? 

We’ll have you know that producing isn’t just limited to film and TV — perhaps you might even want to dabble in radio. A Bachelor of Communications can make this a reality for you!

Essentially, a producer organises and supervises the production processes within their designated field (film, radio, TV), such as script writing, financing, directing, editing, and sourcing talent.

If you feel like you’re an organised person who has a love for movies, TV shows or radio, along with its behind the scenes processes, becoming a producer will be a highly fulfilling communications career for you!

JobOutlook: Estimate of $2,099 earnings per week with a moderate future growth rate.

Check out what a producer really does, in our article here!

#2: Sound producer

Zoom zoom. Boom! Wheewoo wheewoo!

Can you guess where these sounds come from? I’m sure they are very familiar to you and almost everyone can imitate it. But with a communications degree, you can get paid for making these sound effects and more as a sound producer!

A sound producer uses audio equipment to record, edit, mix and adjust the volume of sounds in a variety of media productions such as TV shows, movies, videos, audios and stage performances. 

If you have a knack for communicating with sound, this career will be an interesting one for you!

JobOutlook: Estimate of $1,327 earnings per week with moderate future growth rate.

#3: News reporter

This just in — another exciting job you can do as a Bachelor of Communications graduate is a news reporter. 

News reporters collect information on current events and trending topics to report it and be broadcasted on the news or in a paper. It keeps the public informed about the important things that are happening.

Though it involves a lot of research and interviewing with diverse types of people, so you get to hear a lot of fun and interesting stories in your jobs. 

If you like investigating and learning new things, being a news reporter can be an insightful career in communications for you!

JobOutlook: Estimate of $1,576 earnings per week with a stable future growth rate.

#4: Journalist

If news media ain’t your thing and you prefer to work in other areas, a Communications degree also allows you to become a journalist. 

What’s the difference between a journalist and news reporter? Let’s just say that becoming a journalist is more flexible in the industries that you can work in. You can work in arts, business, sports, technology, music, politics, science… the list goes on!

Your tasks are still similar to that of news reporters in that you still gather information to write pieces for the public. But with journalist articles, you can share your view and/or others’ perspectives on topics and this can actually influence public opinion — isn’t that cool? 

If you love to gain new perspectives and make your mark on the world, becoming a journalist will be an exciting job for you!

JobOutlook: Same as News Reporter

Learn all about the role of a Journalist here!


Communications Careers - Marketing

#5: Marketing specialist

Are you on top of the latest trends?

If you love getting to know what others love, you can find a job as a Marketing Specialist once you complete your Communications degree.

A marketing specialist promotes companies and brands by developing, implementing and monitoring marketing campaigns across different types of platforms. It involves research to find out what people are buying, how much and why, to come up with a marketing strategy and provide advice to companies. 

If you love seeing your work influence people, this job will be highly rewarding for you. 

JobOutlook: $1,737 weekly pay with a very strong future growth. 

Discover what it’s like as a Marketer here!

#6: Content marketing manager

Let’s be real — you can have an amazing advertisement but a not so amazing product. 

It’s like watching an exciting trailer — there’s explosions, action and romance… but when you watch the movie, it’s not that great. Instead, it’s actually quite boring. 

That’s why Content Marketing Managers are an important job that you can do with a Communications degree.

Content Marketing Managers are a special subset of the broad marketing field who specialise in the quality of content. They focus on making content that people actually want, sharing this content on their platforms and measuring how much people actually like it. 

So, the next time you’re disappointed about a misleading commercial, maybe you can consider a communications career as a Content Marketing Manager. 

JobOutlook: Same as Marketing Specialist

#7: Brand strategist

Can you imagine if Coca Cola suddenly sold Coco Pops? Brands need consistency, and here is where a Brand Strategist comes in. 

Brand strategists are different from marketing strategists in that they work as part of the marketing team to maintain consistent brand messages. You ensure that campaigns, content and products match with brand images, so they don’t contradict with the usual tone.

Like a marketing specialist, you may find yourself writing a marketing report on what people like to buy but you have a particular focus on whether that trend vibes well with your brand. 

If you’re someone who has a good sense of judgement, this job may be fitting for you! 

JobOutlook: Same as Marketing Specialist

Check out what a Brand Manager does here!

Social Media and Online

Communications Careers - Social Media

#8: Social media manager

Do you like setting trends on social media? Maybe you like posting photos or memes or TikTok dances? Or maybe you just like organising your Instagram feed to fit your *aesthetic*?

With a Communications degree, you can become a Social Media Manager that helps other companies market their stuff on social media platforms.

Social Media Managers develop and implement marketing strategies, campaigns and collaborations to boost brand exposure to who you want to target. You will find yourself working with platforms you are already familiar with such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and more!

This a really fun communications career option if you’re into the whole online scene!

JobOutlook: Same as Marketing Specialist

#9: Web producer

A communications degree can also land you a job as a web producer. No, not the spiderweb kind — the website on the internet! 

Even so, being a web producer is pretty much like a spider and its web. You design your website to make it look pretty and easy to use to attract your target audience and keep them hooked onto your website. 

Sometimes, you can have a more technical or a more creative role as a web producer depending on your task. A technical role will require you to have skills in Flash, HTML and more while more creative roles may involve content creation such as presentations, polls and quizzes. Either way, both jobs aim to engage user engagement, interaction and loyalty. 

This can be a real rewarding job if you’re into areas of journalism, design and marketing. 

JobOutlook: Estimate of $1,596 earnings per week with a strong future growth rate.

#10: Copywriter

Do you enjoy writing and are passionate about promoting or selling products through creative campaigns?

As a copywriter, you do a lot of writing — things like website copy, advertising copy, social media posts and email copy. You’ll also do a lot of research to ensure that you know what you’re talking about and can effectively communicate the messages of the campaign you’re working on.

Essentially, a copywriter makes content and figures out which tone of voice is best to use to advertise a product.

You may find yourself working within a creative agency, government organisation, PR firm, even film and TV studios, or you could be a freelancer!

If you love writing and have a knack for persuasion, copywriting could be something you enjoy!

JobOutlook: Estimate of $1,576 earnings per week with a stable future growth rate.

#11: Digital Editor

Are you detail-oriented, organised and like reading a lot? Digital editing could be the career for you!

Within a role as a digital editor, you’re basically in charge of managing web content. You’ll assign articles to your team of content/staff writers, format content for your company’s website and publish those articles. To make sure those articles get exposure, you’ll also be implementing some SEO strategies.

Your main goal is to create engaging content that will drive traffic to your website and this has to do with finding the keywords that your target demographic is looking up!

You’ll enjoy a role such as this if you’re someone who has an eye for detail, understand the basics of coordinating a team, and like meeting deadlines.


Communications Careers - Business

#12: Business reporter 

Are you interested in other people’s business? 

Not in a rude way of course! A communications degree can allow you to become a business reporter, where you can go behind the scenes of businesses, industries and economies to relay important business information to the general public on a variety of media.

Good interpersonal skills are very important here to develop valuable relationships with business insiders to cover exciting stories! 

So, if you’re into the growing financial and business media, this communications career will be very interesting for you!

JobOutlook: Same as News Reporter

#13: Business manager

“Let’s get down to business!”

Yes, the first line in Mulan’s “Make a Man Out of You” song is iconic, but you can also use that phrase a lot as a Business Manager with a communications degree.

As a Business Manager, you are in charge of developing and executing business plans to promote business growth with attention to resources, training and budget. Communication is important here, to lead a team and ensure they are progressing well and achieve goals as planned. 

If you feel like Mulan’s General Li Shang and his leadership skills inspire you, a Business Manager job may be suitable for you. 

JobOutlook: Estimate of $2,224 earnings per week with a strong future growth rate.

#14: Corporate trainer 

Do you like helping others work better?

A communications degree can also help you become a corporate trainer, where you will be teaching innovative skills and knowledge to employees through seminars, workshops and group exercises. Having a communications degree is important to get your lessons across effectively in multiple types of corporate settings. 

It’s kind of like being a Pokemon trainer where you’re helping your colleagues more efficiently and evolve into a more sophisticated version of themselves. Without the Pokemon battles, of course!

This is a very rewarding job option if you’re into empowering others’ career potential. 

JobOutlook: Estimate of $1,742 earnings per week with a stable future growth rate.

#15: Event manager

Do you like making fun, exciting plans a reality? 

Being an Events Manager is one of the more administrative jobs that you can get with a communications degree.

As an Events Manager, you’ll be overseeing marketing campaigns and logistics such as venue, catering, attendance and budgeting before the event. You’ll also have some tasks to do after events such as analysing, reporting and reviewing feedback to see if you’ve achieved your marketing goals. 

It can be a lot of work but it is a very rewarding career in communications if you like to see immediate results when everything comes together smoothly. 

JobOutlook: Estimate of $1,347 earnings per week with a very strong future growth rate.

#16: Sales representative 

Would you call yourself a persuasive person?

If you are, maybe being a Sales Representative may be the right calling for you!

Having done a communications degree is crucial for this job, as you’ll need a good sense of language to pitch ideas and negotiate contracts with potential clients. It’s a pretty important job, as you’re basically the bridge between companies and their customers. 

If you like to influence people, this job can be quite motivating for you. 

JobOutlook: Estimate of $1,606 earnings per week with a moderate future growth rate.


#17: University development officers

Love to cultivate a community in your university? Maybe you can give being a University Development Officer a try!

With a communications degree, you can become a University Development Officer so you don’t have to leave your campus immediately.

A University Development Officer is instrumental in organising events such as networking receptions, fundraisers and social events to maintain graduate connection. Interpersonal skills and persuasive writing from a Communications degree is highly useful here to make your pitches stand out while building relationships with alumni, staff, family and potential university sponsors. 

It’ll be a highly rewarding job for anyone who loves to bring people together. 

Public Sector 

#18: Public relations specialist

I’m pretty sure everyone is conscious about how others think about them — and this is the same for organisations! 

A communications degree can help you to become a public relations specialist, as you’re well equipped to think about how to use various media to influence public perceptions. Essentially, you’re helping organisations build and maintain a good reputation.

Almost all organisations want a good rep, so you can work almost anywhere — in corporate industries, governments, non-profit organisations and more. 

If you like a bit of a challenge, being a public relations specialist will be truly engaging for you. 

JobOutlook: Same as Business Manager

#19: Human resources specialist

Without HR specialists, I feel like workplaces would be very chaotic.

So yes, becoming a Human Resources Specialist is one of the most important jobs you can do with a communications degree.

Human Resources Specialists deal with tasks that heavily involve communication skills such as recruiting new employees, training them, communicating benefits and policies and making constant updates for the staff so everything functions smoothly. What can we do without a Human Resources person? 

If you’re someone who loves to help and organise people, a job as a Human Resources would be a cool communications career for you. 

JobOutlook: Estimate of $2,464 earnings per week with a very strong future growth rate

Discover what the role of a HR Specialist entails here! 

#20: Health educator

Can you imagine if health education was more personalised to your interest? How cool will that be!

You can use your communications degree to help public health education become more geared to targeted sub-groups and populations.

As a Health Educator, you will research health problems and needs that are specific to a population of interest. You may use this research to build educational tools and seminars that are more personalised to their interest, needs and values. So yay, less sleepy students during PDHPE classes!

If you feel that you’re really passionate about making Australia a healthier place, this will be a very suitable job for you!

JobOutlook: Estimate of $1,876 earnings per week with a strong future growth rate

And that’s it!

So that’s 20 jobs you can pursue with a Bachelor of Communications degree! Which of these communications careers is your favourite option? 

Otherwise, thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our other articles on careers, studies and more!

Kate Lynn Law graduated in 2017 with an all rounders HSC award and an ATAR of 97.65. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys working with high school students to improve their academic, work and life skills in preparation for the HSC and what comes next. An avid blogger, Kate had administered a creative writing page for over 2000 people since 2013, writing to an international audience since her early teenage years. 

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