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What It’s Like Studying a Bachelor of Business at WSU

Bachelor of Business WSU - Fact Sheet

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What is a Bachelor of Business at WSU?
Core Units and Majors
How to Get into a Bachelor of Business at WSU
What’s the Teaching Format?
What’s the Faculty and Culture Like?

What is a Bachelor of Business at WSU?

A Bachelor of Business at WSU is a hands-on degree that aims to give students real world experience in their chosen discipline! This degree creates students who are able to think in both quantitative and qualitative measures, with an eye for detail.

Students who undertake this degree will obtain experience from lecturers and tutors who have gained knowledge within the industry. The mixture of theory and practical learning styles helps students to develop their skills and become well-rounded critical thinkers! 

Can this degree be studied in conjunction with another?

The Bachelor of Business at WSU can be studied as a double degree—at the end of study, students will graduate with double the qualifications. It should also be noted that double degrees take longer than single Bachelor degrees to complete! 

Popular degrees to combine with the Bachelor of Business at WSU are:

Career Paths

The career paths that can be undertaken post-completion of a Bachelor of Business at WSU are extremely vast and vary depending on what major is selected by each student. Some possible career paths include:

Core Units and Majors

What are the Core Units?

The Bachelor of Business at WSU is not a “one-size-fits-all” degree, meaning there are many different directions students can take in terms of specialisations. 

There are however, common core units that all Business students will have to undertake regardless of their chosen major; Enterprise Law and Enterprise Innovation and Markets. You’ll also have to study:

Financing Enterprises: This unit shows students all the different enterprises available to start up a business. This is done through the study of small and large businesses, how surrounding factors affect businesses and how to identify and analyse financial information. 

Enterprise Leadership: This class gives students an understanding of the role and function of business leadership concepts and theories. This unit will use theories to help students develop at a foundational level, the skills needed to succeed as business stakeholders. 

What are the Majors?

Students must choose a Business specialisation (major) which consists of 80 credits points (8 units) and with 80 credits points of elective spaces, students may do any of the following:

    • Add on another Business major (80 credit points)
    • Take on a major in a different discipline (80 credit points)
    • Complete a sub-major (40 credit points) OR
    • Choose any electives that will add up to 80 credit points

These are the different majors that you will be required to select from:

This major prepares students for a career in Accounting. It provides students with an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals and concepts surrounding accounting, economics, law and finance. 
Applied FinanceThis major prepares students to be finance specialists. It hones in on a student’s abilities in areas such as security, banking, finance and economics. 
EconomicsThis major provides students with an understanding of the interrelationships between people, firms, institutions and countries. Students will learn the ins and outs of the functionality of economies. 
PropertyA major in Property provides students with a foundation to move into careers as property specialists. Through the study of poverty investment, inflation, law, planning and more, students will gain a solid grasp of all things property. 
Hospitality ManagementThis major provides students with an excellent understanding of customer service and improving the customer experience. The main focus of this specialisation is to prep you with the skills to manage service-oriented businesses.
International BusinessThis major unit structure has a focus on the big picture, our global economy. In doing so, this unit prepares students to become leaders in international business and relations.  
MarketingMarketing majors must understand all things customers, what drives their impulses, wants and needs! To be a marketer one must be able to truly empathise and connect with their clientele—this major provides students with this ability and more.
Sport ManagementStudents who study Sports Management as their major could be managing sportspeople from Australia to around the world! This major prepares students for the extremely dedicated and hands on task of sports management, and will delve into concepts such as stakeholders, organisations and management tactics. 
ManagementThis major provides students with the tools they need to become management specialists, within private, public, contemporary or not-for-profit sectors! It allows students to explore management strategies and effective decision making.  
Human Resource ManagementThis major provides students with the ability to become Human Resource Managers or Industrial Relations Managers! Through learning skills such as employee engagement and organisational objectives, this major creates well-rounded, people-focused HR Managers. 


Within the Bachelor of Business at WSU students may elect to take on an internship unit called Enterprise Internship. This unit is non-compulsory, however, students who undertake this unit will have an advantage going into the world after graduating.

Internships are monitored by a coordinator, but students will need to find their own placements. They will also have to complete a set number of hours discussed with your coordinator and the establishment and some theory activities to enhance the experience! 


How to Get into a Bachelor of Business at WSU 

The ATAR cut off to gain guaranteed entry into the Bachelor of Business at WSU is 70. However, if you aren’t able to attain this ATAR, don’t fret—there are pathways to get into this course! 

The College

Students who do not meet the ATAR requirements to gain admission into the Bachelor of Business can potentially be invited to undertake their first year of study at The College. Studying at The College mirrors the first year of the Bachelor’s degree, but has smaller class sizes and additional classes so students can receive extra help and feel confident going onto second year studies!

Once the first year of study is complete, students will gain admission into the second year of study in their desired degrees if they’ve passed all of the required subjects.

HSC True Reward Early Offer Program

This program aims to give students early entry into their preferred degree by looking at their Year 11 or Year 12 results rather than the scaled results from their HSC results. It should be noted that students who choose to use their Year 11 results will still need to complete the HSC for admission into the Program.

Students can apply here

Prerequisites/Assumed Knowledge

Within this degree, there are no prerequisite subjects needed to be studied prior to admission of this Bachelor degree. It is assumed however, that students have an understanding of any two units of English and Mathematics at a HSC level.


WSU offers a large range of Scholarships. To see if you are eligible for any, check out the Scholarships Calculator Tool here!

What’s the Teaching Format?

You’ll find that a Bachelor of Business at WSU is taught over semesters. This means that teaching periods are held over two academic sessions each year, with breaks in between. 

Class Structure

The main types of classes you’ll have for this degree are lectures and tutorials!

Bachelor of Business WSU - Class Structure


Around 70% of lecture content is delivered online, so you’ll be able to access many of your lectures through WSU’s e-learning site, vUWS. You’ll find videos from your unit lecturer, as well as any guest lecturers.

Face-to-face lectures typically have 100 to 200 students attending, but lecturers are usually kind enough to upload their powerpoint slides for you to study from in your own time.


Within your tutes, there are typically 48 people in each class and you’ll spend 2 hours in them. Most classes are held within the Parramatta City Campus, WSU’s newest and most innovative campus!

Since lectures aren’t as interactive or discussion-based, tutorials are your chance to receive more specialised guidance. Tutors will also further elaborate on content covered within lectures.

How much time will you spend on campus?

The contact hours for this degree are a lot smaller than most other degrees, as a lot of the lectures are presented as online videos so students can watch in their own time. Students will be on campus for around 8 hours each week! 

What are assessments like?

The Bachelor of Business at WSU typically has 3 assessments for each unit! Most units will carry two assignments and one final exam. 

Group assignments will come in many different shapes and forms, such as tasks adhering to a client’s brief, report writing or analysis of case studies! Students will also have a few solo assignments as well.

Skills That You Refine and Learn 

Bachelor of Business WSU - Skills

There are lots of skills developed and honed in on within the Business at WSU. This degree prepares students for the working conditions they will face once out of university.

This means that many of the assessments are group work. Through working as a team, students will have to learn to be team players to produce compelling and innovative works.

Students will also develop their communication skills through learning how to converse and network with potential clients and stakeholders. Through this, students will form their own methods of critical thinking and analysis! 

What’s the Faculty and Culture Like? 

WSU Business teaching staff come as a bit of a mixed bag. While some lectures and tutors are outstanding with their presence and content delivery, others are not in the same realm, seemingly having other priorities over students and not being as accessible or helpful as students would like! 

Bachelor of Business WSU - Student Quote

Due to the fact that a large amount of the Bachelor of Business at WSU is taught online through lectures, the feeling of togetherness within the cohort is not always there. However, students are generally friendly and kind towards each other!

To make friends within your cohort, you may want to join a student run club, such as the Western Business Society! The aim of this society is to encourage Business students to participate in academic, networking, social activities and events.

Support Programs

WSU hosts the mentoring program, MATES, which is aimed at first year uni students and gives them the opportunity to connect with other first year students and older mentors. MATES allows students to ask questions, connect and have fun in a supportive environment!

PASS is another program that WSU organises for students who would like academic help. These Peer Assisted Study Sessions are run by students for students with the aim of boosting academic results as well as making friends along the way!

Want to know about the pros and cons of this degree? Check out our article here!

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