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What It’s Like Studying a Bachelor of Business at Monash University

Bachelor of Business Monash - Fact Sheet

Considering studying a Bachelor of Business at Monash?

Look no further as we give you the run-down on everything you need to know about the degree, including the subjects, assessments, culture, staff and more!

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What is a Bachelor of Business at Monash?
Core Units and Majors
How to Get into a Bachelor of Business at Monash
What’s the Teaching Format?
What’s the Faculty and Culture Like?

What is a Bachelor of Business at Monash?

A Bachelor of Business at Monash is a 3-year degree that equips you with developing the knowledge and expertise you need to thrive in the workforce. This includes areas like finance, accounting, marketing, business management and business law.

The degree is extremely broad, and you will cover various business subjects in your first year that will prepare you for what a future in business looks like.

Who should study a Bachelor of Business?

This degree is well suited for students interested in numbers, passionate about innovation and who enjoy communicating with people. If you’re studying Business Studies, Economics or Mathematics, a Business degree could be the one for you!

Can you study it with another degree or as Honours?

You can take a Bachelor of Business in combination with another course to allow you to graduate with two degrees. If you wish to expand your career options, there are 10 double degree options on offer for Business at Monash:

    • Bachelor of Accounting
    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Banking and Finance
    • Bachelor of Design
    • Bachelor of Education (Honours)
    • Bachelor of Fine Art
    • Bachelor of Information Technology
    • Bachelor of International Business
    • Bachelor of Marketing
    • Bachelor of Media Communication

An opportunity for a one-year honours program is available after successfully completing the course. To be eligible for entry into Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), you must achieve a distinction (70%) GPA (grade point average).

Career Paths

A Bachelor of Business is a versatile degree that allows you to explore many different career paths, even if it isn’t your major! Providing highly transferable skills across various industries, the multitude of career choices you can explore include:

And this is just a very condensed list!

Core Units and Majors

What are the core units?

Students studying a Bachelor of Business at Monash are required to complete 7 core units throughout their degree.  The core unit options include:

    • ACF1100 – Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • ACX1100 – Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • ACF1200 – Accounting for Managers
    • ACX1200 – Accounting for Managers
    • BFF1001 – Foundations of Finance
    • BTF1010 – Business Law
    • BTX1010 – Business Law
    • ECF1100 – Microeconomics
    • ETF1100 – Business Statistics
    • ETX1100 – Business Statistics
    • MGF1010 – Introduction to Management
    • MFK1120 – Marketing Theory and Practice

Students only need to complete one accounting unit, unless you are an Accounting Major, in which you must complete ACF1100 or ACX1100.

These subjects are designed to expose you to various business disciplines before you finalise your major, essentially giving you a buffet-style experience of the business world!

Business law outlines how the law is your best friend when it comes to business profitability and value, while Business statistics teaches students how to use and apply statistical techniques to a range of business areas.


The great thing about studying a Bachelor of Business at Monash is that there are 12 majors to choose from! Going far beyond what many other unis offer, students have plenty of choices in selecting a major they’re interested in and must complete one major from the list:

    • Accounting
    • Banking and finance
    • Business law
    • Business management
    • Business studies
    • Business analytics and statistics
    • Economics and business strategy
    • Financial econometrics
    • Human resource management
    • International business
    • Marketing
    • Taxation

The major is made up of 42 credit points of a Business listed major and 6 credit points from a core unit. Business majors are an essential way for students to develop their skills and expertise in specific business disciplines and help give them a sense of their future career! 

What’s a Business Law major like?

A Business Law major focuses on the importance of the Australian legal system in governing business decisions, transactions and marketing. In this major, students need to put on their thinking caps (or barrister’s wig) and use their legal reasoning skills to predict possible legal outcomes in common business scenarios.

Looking beyond Australia, Business Law enables you to think about the global business environment. It even gives you the option to study abroad in subjects like International Trade Law and Sustainability Regulation for Business!


How to Get into a Bachelor of Business at Monash

The ATAR guarantee for entry into a Bachelor of Business at Monash is 75 and above.

Assumed Knowledge and Prerequisite Subjects

You should have an assumed knowledge of English and Maths and must satisfy the following requirements:

    • English: Units 3 and 4 — a study score of at least 27 in English (EAL) or 25 in English other than EAL
    • Maths: Units 3 and 4 — a study score of at least 22 in one of Mathematical Methods (any) or Specialist Mathematics or 25 in any other mathematics

Pathway Programs

Don’t worry, your ATAR isn’t the only way you get into a Bachelor of Business at Monash. The alternative pathways of a VET Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma are all available applicants with a minimum 70% average.

You can also get entry into a Bachelor of Business through the Monash College Diploma of Business. At the end of the 18-month Diploma, you can transfer straight into the second year of a Bachelor of Business at Monash!

What scholarships are available?

Monash has over 50 scholarships available for students studying a Bachelor of Business, most of them named after famous faculty members!

With scholarships available for domestic and international students, there are schemes available for high-achieving students from underprivileged areas, Indigenous backgrounds, with disabilities and much more.

The Achieving Potential Support Scholarships offer $15,000 to support current and new students who have been affected by personal circumstances without looking at their ATAR.

What’s the Teaching Format?

A Bachelor of Business at Monash is delivered across two semesters per year:

    • Semester 1: Early March to early June
    • Semester 2: Early August to early November

Class Structure 

Classes for a Bachelor of Business at Monash is typically taught through lectures, tutorials and workshops.

Bachelor of Business Monash - Class Structure


The lectures are usually held once per week for each subject and typically run for about two hours. With over 100+ people attending, presentations are carried out by esteemed academics and assists students in providing an overview of the weekly topic material.


These classes are held twice a week, typically running for about 1 hour. Tutorials are a lot more intimate and interactive, usually having around 15 to 20 students in a class.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with your classmates and ask your tutor about any confusing topics.


Workshops are only required for some specialised business units and are usually offered during the trimester sessions. They vary in length, but workshops usually run for 1-2 hours and are a similar size to tutorials.

These classes are an excellent opportunity to ask your tutor any questions you have about any upcoming assessments.

How much time do you spend on campus?

If you study a Bachelor of Business at Monash, you’ll usually take about 4 subjects per semester. That means you’re looking at about 12 contact hours a week.

Of course, you’re also expected to put extra hours into studying and revising your work!

What are the assessments like?

As a Bachelor of Business is such a broad degree, different subjects have different formats for their assessments.

For students majoring in Business Law, the within semester assessments are usually written problem-solving tasks that challenge you to apply your legal reasoning. These assessments typically weigh about 50%, with a final exam making up the other 50% of your overall grade.

For more numbers-based business subjects like Accounting and Finance, regular assessments may involve written reports, quizzes and group work. Still, most assessments are in the form of exams.

Accounting and most other business subjects have formal closed-book exams, but Business Law units are open-book, so you can bring in a few select pieces of paper or even your textbook! Exams usually go for about 2-3 hours. 

What skills do you develop?

Bachelor of Business Monash - Skills

A Bachelor of Business at Monash is a great degree to develop your verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills through team building and group work. Learning how to effectively work in a team, actively listening to other people, and communicating your ideas is an important skill for business graduates.

“More than just your technical abilities, it’s the soft skills you learn like team building and communication that help you with the ability to talk and effectively convey your message when you’re at that interview stage.” — Ahmad Jahfar, Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Business Law) Graduate at Monash Uni

What’s the Faculty and Culture Like?


The Business faculty at Monash boast an overall good experience with students, especially for lecturers who engagingly interact with students as colleagues (shoutout to International Trade Law!). However, having a lot more counsellors would be useful to help with booking appointments in such a huge cohort.

“The overall faculty was good, but I would have preferred the counsellors were more knowledgeable about specific areas of the industry instead of giving generalised opinions.”Ahmad Jahfar


As one of Australia’s leading universities, Monash has a fast-paced campus life with tons of societies to help you make friends and network with new people. For Business students, being involved in societies is a great way to network and add to your competitive edge.

The Business and Commerce Student Society and Monash Accounting Students’ Association are two societies that provide members with opportunities to expand their professional connections.

If you’re more interested in socialising, Monash offers many special interest, spiritual, sporting and cultural clubs to encourage students to connect with like-minded people.

Bachelor of Business Monash - Quote

Exchange Opportunities

Business students at Monash have various opportunities for you to study abroad and experience unique industries overseas! A list of the exchange locations available to Business students can be found here.

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