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5 Types of Friends Who Will Help Support You Through the HSC

Having various types of friends to support you throughout the HSC can really enhance your final years of schooling.

When it comes to friends, it’s each of their distinct characteristics that make you drawn to them, and the unique things about you too! Today we’re going to break down the five types of friends you’ll probably have during your senior year — see which one you resonate most with!

Let’s go! 

The Mum Friend
The Planner
The Taxi/Uber Driver
The Life of the Party
The Teacher’s Pet

#1: The Mum Friend 

Types of Friends - Mum Friend

You may not want to admit it, but we all need this type of friend during Year 12. The “mum” friend is usually an older sibling in their family and is used to loving on those around them. 

This is the mate you call after an awkward first date, or when you can’t figure out an assignment. They may not have the answers, but they’ll certainly try!

This is also the friend who will check everyone is eating well and getting their eight hours of sleep. Extra snacks after class, coffee runs — you know the drill. If you need a bandaid, they probably also have one in the mini first-aid kit that they carry around.

The mum friend is the one who mixes empathy with a dose of rudeness — they think about your long-term wellbeing and see the benefits in telling it like it is. Go to this friend if you want genuine advice, but not if you want a sob sesh! 

However, don’t get on the bad side of your group’s resident mum! They tend to be feisty, especially if you’re not making the same decisions as they would. These friends can have a slightly arrogant tendency, and you may need to gently keep them in check. 

Remember to check up on your mum friend, because they often need just as much love as they give out!

#2: The Planner

The Planner - Types of Friends

The walking, talking diary! This type of friend knows what’s on three month in advance as they schedule studying with half-hourly precision and they’ve mastered the art of the bullet journal. The monogrammed, linen-bound diary in their backpack attracts secret envy.

The planner’s aesthetically-pleasing study notes are your demise. They have their assignments done several days in advance and they review their work meticulously. 

This friend may be a little annoying at times, always reminding you what assessments you have coming up. Their input, though, is vital to keeping your life on track!

Consult this friend whenever you need help timetabling, or when you’re feeling a little too overwhelmed. This friend can likely offer you a killer study plan in the lead up to exams. 

The planner also tends to have great study tips. They’ve killed the exam game during Year 11, so they know all the secrets to studying smart. The great thing is, this friend is usually very generous with their tips! They’d love to convert your whole group to be planners, so they’ll happily share with you what they know. 

As a bonus, they’ll probably ensure your schoolies trip is booked well in advance with their super organised spreadsheet, getting you the cheapest deals. They’re probably baffled that the rest of you didn’t look at accommodation earlier. 

#3: The Taxi/Uber Driver

Taxi/Uber Driver - Types of Friends

After school Maccas runs and late night movies are great, but you need a way to get there. The solution? Make friends with the kid who gets their Ps first. 

The taxi friend is a particularly valuable asset in any group. They will, for a fleeting time, be the prize jewel of friends. This is particularly true if you live a long way from school and public transport is a bit of a trek. 

Ironically, this friend is usually a bit of a mess. Don’t rely on them to pick you up on time, and don’t assume you’ll always be safe in their car. Top tip my dad told me — if you feel like their driving is getting super dangerous, pretend you’re going to throw up. They’ll stop the car, every time — no on wants that on their seats.

At the grad party, this is probably the friend you’ll be yelling “taxi” to, one too many times. However, this friend is both convenient and fun to have around. Definitely a keeper. 

Show your appreciation by shouting them food when they drive you around!

#4: The Life of the Party

Partier - Types of friends

This is your wild friend — the one who knows how to have a great time, and probably the most extroverted. The life of the party is probably besties with the taxi driver (and this pairing is most commonly in trouble with the mum friend). 

You may not want to bow to all the wild ways of your party friend. In fact, you’ll probably need to keep them in line a little. However, balance is key and this friend will help you remember that. 

There’s nothing wrong with the movies on a Thursday night. It’s important to ensure that you don’t let study take over your life. Lean into the craziness of your party friend, because there’s probably a little bit of wisdom hiding behind their chaos. 

These friends also tend to be great listeners if you’re feeling anxious about school. They often have a bigger perspective than just the mess of Year 12.

Though you may not agree with their study habits, their sentiments can be very useful. Try chatting to them next time you feel overwhelmed. 

#5: The Teacher’s Pet 

teachers pet - Types of Friends

Every student can be categorised according to one metric; you are either the teacher’s pet, or you can’t stand them. We’re trained to think that sucking up or going beyond the required effort is a bad thing.

We challenge you to reframe your thinking! Teachers’ pets are actually vital to everyone else’s success.

Without them, you’re unlikely to get answers for the questions rattling around your head. You also may not have assessments explained as clearly.

By the time you’re in Year 12, it’s unlikely teachers will give additional time to students who aren’t genuinely hard workers, so your resident teacher’s pet is probably more tenacious than you first assume. 

A good spokesperson in every class is important, and you should encourage it. If the teacher’s pet starts getting a little arrogant, it may be time to kindly address their behaviour. Until then, use their actions to your advantage!

The teacher’s pet (and we use this phrase with endearment) will usually have great insights on the content for subjects. They’re probably happy to share these insights with you! Getting on their good side may warrant some great study notes. 

No matter who you are, a good mix of friends is one of the vital steps to success during HSC. Try to embrace all the types of friends you have throughout your final year of study.

As you grow together, you may find lifelong friends in places you least expected. 

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Lucinda Garbutt-Young hopes to one day be writing for a big-shot newspaper… or maybe just for a friendly magazine in the arts sector. Right now, she is enjoying studying a Bachelor of Public Communication (Public Relations and Journalism) at UTS while she writes on the side. She also loves making coffees for people in her job as a barista, and loves nothing more than a sun shower.


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