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Maths Prerequisites for Uni: How to Boost Your HSC Marks and get Entry

Is Maths a prerequisite for your dream Uni degree? Or perhaps you just need to boost your Maths mark so that your ATAR is high enough to guarantee entry?

Meet Maddy! She’s an AOS Alumni who recently graduated high school. She always wanted to study game design. However, at the start of the HSC, her Maths marks just weren’t high enough to make it a possibility.

Despite this, by the end of her final exams, she had made a massive 40% turnaround in her HSC Maths results! 

In this video, Rowan’s going to talk to Maddy about what techniques and habits she implemented to enable such a drastic improvement.

Tip 1: Ask for Help
Tip 2: Team Up
Tip 3: Challenge Yourself

So what are you waiting for? Let’s find out how you can do the same…

About Maddy: Maddy went to Brigidine College. She studied Advanced Mathematics and at first received marks around 30%. Despite this, she was able to turn her results around and receive a 70%+ mark by the end of the HSC. This drastic improvement is allowed her to get into her dream uni degree of a Bachelor of Game Design and Development at Macquarie University. If your desired uni degree has maths as a prerequisite, her tips and tricks might be what you need to finally push that mark higher!

Tip 1: Ask for Help

When Maddy first received a poor Mathematics result at the start of her HSC, her first reaction was the best step anyone could take towards improvement:

Getting some extra help!

Not only did she talk to her friends and parents, but she also came to join a Maths class at Art of Smart.

Maddy got great support from her Sydney Maths tutor Tom, as well as the amazing network of students who also attended the class!

They were all students like her that struggled with Maths, so Maddy felt comfortable to take things at her own pace and learnt a lot from communicating and working things out in a cohort separate from normal classes.

REMEMBER: If you have a Maths prerequisite for your dream uni course and really need to improve your marks, the best step is to look for extra, external help wherever you can.

Tip 2: Team Up

Maddy’s best friend also struggled with HSC Maths throughout high school. A lot of the time it proved a burden as they would distract each other in class.

However, throughout the year their friendship became a powerful tool to improve their maths study simultaneously. 

They became study buddies!!

Maddy and her friend would meet up a few times a month for DAY-LONG study sessions focusing entirely on HSC Mathematics.

Because they both struggled with the subject, having two minds to work on questions and discuss problems together really helped them make sense of things in their minds.

Working with a friend also helped Maddy keep herself ACCOUNTABLE!

If one was slacking off, the other was there as a reminder to stay focused.

Of course, working collaboratively also proved to be far more FUN than studying alone. This, as a result, MOTIVATED Maddy to work harder towards improving her mathematics marks.

Can’t seem to concentrate while studying with friends? Learn how to make group study work in this video!

Tip 3: Challenge Yourself

A key technique that Maddy’s Art of Smart tutor Tom made her implement was to identify challenging questions and focus predominately on these throughout her study.

Often, students will waste way too much time covering parts of the syllabus that they’re already good at!

Don’t just complete past paper after past paper. Find the questions that you struggle with and target these.

Find out why you need to make your practice papers harder in this video!

Key to Maddy’s 40% improvement was her focus on harder questions outside of her set homework. This ability to push and challenge yourself is what’s required to improve your marks and get into a degree with a Maths prerequisite.

Now it’s Your Turn

These are a few of the tips that allowed Maddy to improve her maths marks in the HSC and become a stronger candidate for her dream degree!

Does your desired degree have a maths prerequisite? Now it’s your turn! Find some extra help, team up with a friend, and challenge yourself with harder questions to boost your learning and broaden your post-school options.

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