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Why Choosing a University is Like Buying an Investment Property

Choosing a University is a HUGE decision.

It’s going to influence your life for at least another decade. It also costs HEAPS!

If you take into account how much money you’re losing by not working full-time, University stacks up to a price over $250,000!

This means that choosing a University is an investment, and as a result, you need to treat it the same as you would buying a house or investing in the stock market.

That’s why in this video, I’m going to take you through 3 killer tips that’ll help you pick a University and make your first big investment!

Tip #1: Keep Your Options Open
Tip #2: Build a Hit-List
Tip #3: Do Your Own Research

Tip #1: Keep Your Options Open

If you were buying a house, I bet you wouldn’t go to the first inspection, take one look and say:


Instead, you’d probably go and inspect a bunch of houses. This way, you can assess each properties qualities and compare them to find out which house is best for you.

The same goes for University open days!

Don’t just go to one and decide: “yes this is the one for me”.

Make sure you go to a wide range of open days and keep your options open! This is the only way you’ll ever know which one is best for you.

Tip #2: Build a Hit-List

Trust me, this tip isn’t as sinister as it sounds.

If you’re buying a house, you’re going to do a lot of research into what makes your perfect home right? In doing so, you can compare each property based on what’s important to you.

Basically, you’re going to do a heap of research to make a really informed decision.

So the same thing applies to choosing a university. You want to evaluate each University within different categories.

You want to look at each uni in regards to:

  • Global standings
  • Domestic standings
  • Quality of teachers
  • Employment outcomes
  • Clubs and societies

These are all factors that are going to influence your experience at University.

This way, you can start building a hit-list of the factors that matter the most to you personally. As a result, you can compare and contrast each University as a way to influence your decision.

The fact is that you wouldn’t do any less if you were buying your first property, or making any other big investment, so this tip is really important!

Tip #3: Do Your Own Research

If you were going to buy a house, you’d want to ask the real estate agent a lot of questions right? Otherwise, what’s the point of him being there.

You’d want to know what the council rates are in the area or perhaps get a sense of past sales history.

So the same thing goes for University. When you arrive at an open day, you want to have a long list of questions ready, and these questions should be based off your pre-existing hit-list.

Don’t turn up without any questions and just think that you’ll get inspired on the day. Do the research and identify the key things you want to know more about, otherwise, you might leave disappointed!

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