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How Chloe Used Her Leadership Roles to Score Early Entry to Her Dream Degree

Looking for alternatives to get into uni, besides relying solely on your ATAR? Chloe sits down to chat with us about her experience getting into a Bachelor of Psychology with Macquarie University through an early entry scheme. 

The Macquarie University Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme allows students to apply for Early Entry by demonstrating their academic performance in Year 11 and initiatives through leadership, community, sport or casual work activities. 

Talking about the application process, how it helped her study harder and tips for your own applications, join us with Chloe for all the tips and tricks about applying for early entry. 

The Dream of Studying Psychology
Receiving the Early Entry Offer
Preparing the Application
Tips for Your Early Entry Application 

The Dream of Studying Psychology

At the beginning of Year 12, Chloe realised that she was interested in potentially studying Psychology in university. However, she was aware of how competitive the degree is and the high ATAR cut-off which made her feel rather discouraged. 

Luckily, around March or April, Chloe heard about Macquarie University’s early entry program for students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Psychology from a friend. She set about preparing her application, knowing that this would be a huge leg up for her if she manages to secure it. 

Macquarie’s Leaders and Achiever’s program grants students access to all of their undergraduate courses except for Actuarial Studies and Professional Practice, Business Analytics and Professional Practice, Professional Accounting and Professional practice, and diplomas or undergraduate certificates.

Students are able to list up to five-course preferences, so even if you don’t know exactly want you want to study yet, you can still apply for the Early Entry scheme! 

Receiving the Early Entry Offer

When asked about how Chloe felt when she received the offer, she recalls “I was in the middle of trials when I got the offer. I was really ecstatic and so excited. All the stress was gone and I was just so relieved.” 

Chloe candidly talks about how her Trials results weren’t the best, however the assurance that she had an early entry into Psychology meant that “I knew there was still hope since I had gotten into the course, so I didn’t let the marks get to me.” 

Rather than slacking off after receiving the offer, Chloe said it motivated her to work harder. “I still wanted to do well. Early entry was based on your year 11 results, so I knew that if I did well in Year 11 and got Early entry, I must have done well.” 

Chloe was not have been entirely sure that she could have studied psychology if she only relied on her ATAR. This made her application really important, especially since it is such a competitive early entry program. The offer boosted Chloe’s confidence in her abilities and made her want to work even harder to achieve the best results she could for her HSC.

Preparing the Application

The Macquarie University Early Entry Program looks at your Year 11 results and asks you to talk about three leadership roles you have held in high school. 

Chloe talked about two Outback Missions she went on and her role as House Captain. She talks about how the leadership positions “can be from school and it does not have to be huge things you’ve done on your own.” 

In her application, Chloe talked about her role and what she did in her leadership positions. “I said that as a House Captain, we would encourage the younger students to participate in sports activities and things. You don’t need super impressive things to get early entry and then think they haven’t done anything particularly interesting. You have to be like okay, I do have things to talk about.”

On the Macquarie University website, other prompts they have included besides leadership included social justice, place of worship, sporting or performing arts, paid or voluntary work and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program. 

Tips for Your Early Entry Application 

“Don’t give up. It may seem like you don’t have a lot of things to put in but there’s always things to write for leadership.” 

While Chloe wrote hers and submitted it after getting her Career’s Advisor to sign it, you can also ask your teachers and peers to read over things when you feel stuck. “If you genuinely feel like you don’t have anything, speak to your career’s advisor and they’ll definitely be able to help.” 

Reflecting on how Early Entry gave Chloe a confidence boost and helped her to get into her dream degree, Chloe says “if you can do early entry, definitely do it.” 

She also adds that following Year 12, “I see it now from a whole different perspective. I think I would have tried more but still keep up my social life, and balance it. I could have still done the work that I did, while enjoying my social life more. I had put too much pressure on myself, so having a good balance [for year 12] would definitely help.”

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Tiffany Fong is currently completing a double degree in Media and Communications with Law at Macquarie University. She currently contributes to the university zine, Grapeshot where she enjoys writing feature articles, commentary on current affairs or whatever weird interest that has taken over her mind during that month. During her spare time, Tiffany enjoys reading, writing, taking care of her plants or cuddling with her two dogs.

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