Getting through the HSC is usually about putting your phone away so you can study!

However, sometimes your phone can help you get through Year 12. From alarm clocks to study planners to workout apps – we’ve compiled the 8 best apps that will help you tackle the HSC!

1. iStudiez

Free (Lite Version) or $4.49 (Pro)

This app was a life saver for me! You are able to put in your class schedule including rooms and your teachers names as well as putting in assignments to remind yourself when something is due! On top of all this you can put a grade in and keep track of how your marks are looking.

It’s an amazing planner which you can get on your phone as well as laptop. It gives you a notification 15 minutes before your class to remind you of the time.

2. Easy Study


Easy Study is a great way to keep track of subjects, homework and hours spent studying. You can log in activities (or homework) and tick them when they are complete. You can also log hours spent studying on a particular subject.

Best of all you can choose what subjects that you want to study each day and it will send you a notification everyday reminding you to study!

3. Intellecquity

Free (Trial) or Paid (Pro)

This app is a life saver for maths questions! If you do maths then this will save you from having to wait till next maths class to ask that question that is really bothering you – whether it be algebra or measurement. You can upload your maths question and receive a worked answer mostly within the hour.

You can upload up to 6 free maths questions a month, and after that you do need to pay however its been a life saver for me especially in preparation for exams.

4. Maths Alarm Clock


If you’re like me and hate mornings this is the app for you. Like it says in the name it’s a maths alarm clock. You can set an alarm and to turn it off you have to solve maths problems! It’s a great way to get yourself up in the morning if you don’t want to leave bed.

You can choose how many questions you want to answer and the level of difficulty from easy, medium and hard. Best of all it’s free!

5. Self Control/Cold Turkey


Self Control is available for Mac and Cold Turkey is available for Windows. They are both really great apps if you find it hard to control yourself when it comes to procrastinating on Facebook or Youtube.

You can set the time that the websites are blocked but make sure you enter it in right otherwise you might end up with Facebook and Youtube blocked for over a day!

6. Wunderlist


This app is also available on Mac and is great for organisation. You can make lists of things you need to do for homework and then you can also add sub topics in those lists to tick them off as you go.

I personally really like this app because it is free, but also because it helped me to keep really organised with my ideas and what I wanted to include in my study. It’s also really good as a reminder for any ideas you have about study or ideas to include in creatives or Major Works!

7. Flat Tomato


Based on the Pomodoro Method, this app helps you time your study. It really helps with when to know when to take a break and helps you stay up to date with balancing your study for all subjects. You can set the amount of time you want to study for and an alarm will go off when the time is up so you know to take a break or change subjects!

8. Sworkit

Free (Basic) or Paid (Pro)

During the HSC is so important to have a balance of study to friends to physical activity. Sworkit is a free app that allows you to choose what kind of workout you would like to do and then set the amount of time you would like to exercise for! It’s great for maintaining a balance with physical activity and gives the opportunity to keep active while keeping up with school work.

Good Luck!

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Caitlin Miller completed half of her HSC in 2016 and is looking forward to finishing in 2017. She studied at Abbotsleigh, Barker College and is now settled at Bradfield Senior College. She loves sport and is passionate about learning and helping others. She plans to study law at university and become a barrister one day.