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Stacey and her son Lachlan (Year 12) worked with Art of Smart for just under 18 months for the HSC in Maths as well as study skills and mentoring.

We recently chatted to Stacey who shared her experiences in working with Art of Smart and the impact it’s had for Lachlan!

Prior to getting started with Art of Smart, what help was Lachlan needing?

Lachlan was needing help with Maths.

We’d had a discussion a couple of years prior with his teachers which had prompted us to realise that he might need some additional help as he was struggling broadly with the subject. It simply wasn’t an area of strength for Lachlan!

Why did you ultimately choose Art of Smart?

We initially had another tutor who was a high school Maths teacher but she couldn’t continue with Lachlan and they recommended that we get in touch with Art of Smart Education! 

One of our main concerns was ensuring we had someone that would build a strong relationship with Lachlan, so we weren’t wasting time and money. This was critical for us! 

When we got in touch we spoke to Laura from Art of Smart and she was lovely! I explained Lachlan’s needs and we were paired up with Morgan.

We ultimately chose Art of Smart, because what Art of Smart provided was so much more than just coaching and tutoring.

Morgan was much more than just a coach – he was a mentor. It wasn’t just about Maths, but also helping across all subjects, in terms of how to approach subjects, strategies and how to navigate high school. We loved this about Art of Smart!

What was the moment in working with Art of Smart that you knew you’d made the right decision?

Lachlan really liked Morgan and that was the ultimate test!

Lachlan is very transparent and if he doesn’t enjoy something, he will make it very known! When he’d come home, he share with me what they did in sessions and he was was very positive which was when I knew we’d made the right decision.

Morgan was fantastic at communicating with us! After each session he would follow up with me to let me know what had covered and what they were working on!

What have we done to help Lachlan with this?

While sessions initially started off focused on Maths, Lachlan ended up deciding to drop Maths. What made the difference with Art of Smart was that Morgan our coach was happy to be flexible and tailor sessions to accommodate for Lachlan’s needs.

In the end, Morgan helped Lachlan with his assignments and assessments across ALL his subjects, and helped him get organised and prepare effectively for these which was fantastic!

Additionally, Morgan helped Lachlan develop different approaches to how he studied for school.

What’s the best thing your tutor has done to support your child?

We’ve gone from Maths to something completely different and Morgan went with it and was highly responsive to our needs to tailor sessions.

I think the best thing that Morgan has done for Lachlan is provide different approaches for studying, preparing for exams, and approach specific subjects and assessments. This has challenged Lachlan’s thinking and helped him improve.

Any other comments?

Although I’d never met Morgan I never felt like was just sending Lachlan off and Art of Smart were just taking my money.

There was always calls and check-ins from the Art of Smart team who were genuinely interested in asking How is Lachlan going? How are sessions with Morgan going? Can we do anything differently to support Lachlan?”.

So there was ongoing support from Art of Smart which was great!

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