Introducing Coach of the Month & Growth Award Winner – Taniya Ekanayake!

We are excited to announce that Taniya Ekanayake has been selected as Coach of the Month and is the recipient of the Growth Award for the month of July!

art of smart

Each month our Art of Smart Team Leaders will be working with their teams to nominate 1 coach for the Coach of the Month Award. These Awards represent us wanting to live our values and express our gratitude for the awesome work that they do with their students.

The Growth Award is given to someone for either helping a student achieve growth, or for you exhibiting personal growth.

Taniya received the Growth Award in recognition of the outstanding effort that she has given in helping her one of her students extend his content knowledge and the speed at which he is able to complete practice questions.

Her students parents are extremely happy with her performance, stating:

‘Taniya has been our son’s tutor for several months now. Our son is in year 10 and needed a mentor to extend his knowledge of maths and build on his speed with answering questions. Taniya has offered him extra homework and by giving him lots of practice questions has increased his confidence to do better’.

Furthermore, Taniya has worked extremely hard to ensure that two of her other students felt nurtured and confident in their ability to succeed!

Taniya’s patience and comforting personality has enabled the students to come out of their shell and be more engaged in their learning. Their parents emphasised this, stating:

Taniya has been a tremendous support and coach to both of my daughters, aged 11 and 13. From the moment she started working with the girls she put them at ease with their abilities and nurtured their learning forward. Taniya is incredibly kind, patient and considerate in the way she teaches both Maths and English. We’ve been working with Taniya for a few months now and the improvement for both girls is indeed noticeable, not only academically but also in their confidence to learn’.

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