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Top 5 Performing Arts Faculties in Australia for 2021 Revealed

Remember your Year 7 drama performance? In your homemade costume, ready for the doors of your school hall to open for doting parents. Has that excitement never left you? You clearly have a passion for Performing Arts.

The Performing Arts is as flourishing an industry as ever, and we have some great recommendations for universities to start your career! 

Take a look!

#5. The Australian National University 

ANU Performing Arts

Image sourced from ANU


The Australian National University is ranked as the fifth best Australian university for Performing Arts, according to QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2021. This university comes in the top 100 in the world for Performing Arts.

ANU is also Australia’s best ranked university for 2021.


The Australian National University is found in Canberra, the country’s capital. It is a short drive from many national icons including Parliament House and the National Gallery. 

At the ANU School of Music, you can choose from five Bachelor of Music majors! These include Music Performance in either Classical or Jazz/Contemporary and, unusually, Composition for Film and Video Games — this major will teach you how to weave music with visual media to work in television or gaming. 

Performance students at ANU also get access to two individual tutoring sessions a week, with regular performances. 

ANU also offers drama subjects as part of an English major or minor in a Bachelor of Arts, so students may gain theatre knowledge and experience.

If you are moving for university, ANU also offers over 15 student residences which may make your move easier. 

Scholarships for ANU are available here!

Entry Requirements

All ANU students are required to apply via UAC for their individual degree. The requirements for each major are as follows:

    • Composition for Film & Video Games, Composition, Musicology and Music Technology majors: A digital folio of 2-3 scores or recordings or a statement of interest in lieu of a portfolio 
    • Music Performance majors: An audition either live or via Zoom, in keeping with the audition requirements

#4. Griffith University 

Griffith Performing Arts

Image sourced from Integrity 20


As a rising university, Griffith is fourth in Australia for Performing Arts and 50th in the world, as ranked by QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2021. 

According to QS Top Universities Australia 2021, Griffith is the 18th best university in Australia overall. 


Griffith University is based in Queensland and is home to the Queensland Conservatorium. Here you can study four different performing arts Bachelor’s degrees, all based at the South Bank campus. 

Bachelor’s degrees in Music, Musical Theatre, Acting and Composition all run for three years, across optional trimesters. 

Griffith is one of the only public universities in Australia to offer Acting as a full degree. In this course, you will work in professional-led classes to become a performer who understands core craft, context, repertoire and industry engagement!

This is also a very new degree, which only launched in 2018. 

Scholarships can be found here!

Entry Requirements

All Queensland Conservatorium students must apply via QTAC and then submit an application and audition to the university. Students may audition in up to three specialisations.

Applications work in phases. Each degree has an external application and audition for Phase One and a live audition for Phase Two. 

Audition requirements are as follows: 

    • Bachelor of Music: Students must complete a pro-forma music CV and an audition relevant to their specialisation. Most require a recorded audition of three contrasting pieces. Successful students will be invited to a live auction and interview. 
    • Bachelor of Acting: Students submit a performance CV, an audition of two monologues and headshot photograph. Students may then be invited to participate in a live workshop where they demonstrate dramatic skills. 
    • Bachelor of Music Theatre: Students must submit a CV, headshot and audition of two prepared songs, one prepared monologue and one jazz dance routine. Successful students will be invited to a live workshop.

#3. Monash University 

Monash Performing Arts

Image sourced from STIRworld


At Monash University, you would be studying at Australia’s third best university for Performing Arts. The university is also ranked as 35th in the world for Performing Arts. 

Monash is also Australia’s sixth best university, overall. 


Thinking about a degree that incorporates a lot of Performing Arts? Monash University, just outside of Melbourne, may have you covered. 

The Bachelor of Arts and Music offers over 40 majors and minors, allowing you to tailor the degree to fit your needs. You would be studying at the Clayton campus, accessible via public transport. This degree is four years in length and focuses on both theory and practical components. 

You can also study a single undergraduate degree in Music, where you will pick a specialisation such as music technology or popular music. It also has a focus on music context, so you understand how to write and perform for different audiences according to historical culture — it runs for three years full-time. 

Monash also offers a minor in Theatre and Performance, which can be added to over 25 degrees. 

Scholarships for this university can be found here!

Entry Requirements

All Music students at Monash are required to receive a score of at least 27 in EAL or 25 in English other than EAL. 

Applicants for a practice-based major are required to submit an audition. These require 2-3 contrasting pieces of music. Interviews are offered to successful applicants. 

The ATAR requirements for each degree is as follows:

    • Bachelor of Arts and Music: 75 (lowest offer in 2021 was 74.3)
    • Bachelor of Music: 70 (the lowest offer in 2021 64.55)

#2. University of Sydney 

Image sourced from Sydney, Australia


The University of Sydney is ranked as the second best university for Performing Arts in Australia. According to QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021, it is also the 30th best place to study Performing Arts in the world. 

The University of Sydney also ranks as the second best university in Australia, overall by QS Top Universities in Australia 2021. 


If you’re hoping to launch a killer career in the Performing Arts, USyd may be your one stop shop! Located in the middle of the Sydney CBD and a short walk from two major stations, this university is situated on sprawling grounds with beautiful buildings. 

The university is best known for Sydney Conservatorium of Music, affectionately known as ‘The Con’. Here, you can choose from nine different undergraduate degree variations, with options in performance, composition, musicology, music education and more. 

Most degrees, including a Bachelor of Music are four years in length, however vary slightly if you decide to undertake a double degree. Most double degrees at The Con last five years full time.

If dramatic art is more your style, USyd also offers majors through the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies. In this major, you will study theoretical components like the history of theatre and dramaturgy, as well as completing industry and community projects. 

A major in Theatre and Performance studies can be included in 40 different undergraduate degrees (yes, you read that right!). These degrees include the Bachelor of Arts to more unusual pairings like a Bachelor of Applied Science. 

Scholarships for The Con can be found here and general scholarships for the University of Sydney are available here!

Entry Requirements

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music is highly competitive. Undergraduate students should apply through UAC before submitting their applications. 

Theory-based degrees, including a Bachelor of Music (Composition) require a portfolio and interview. Portfolios vary for each degree,  but most require at least compositions of varied style, presented in notated form. 

A practical degree, such as Bachelor of Music (Performance) requires a video submission audition and an interview. The required piece of music for each instrument can be found here!

Entry into a Theatre and Performance major in the Department of Theatre of Performance Studies is based on whatever degree you enrol in. 

#1. The University of Melbourne 

University of Melbourne - Performing Arts

Image sourced from Australia247


The University of Melbourne comes in as the best university for Performing arts and is currently the third best university overall in Australia. 

This university is ranked 19th in Performing Arts throughout the world. 


At the University of Melbourne, based across several campuses near the city centre, you can study a specialisation in Performing Arts. This university is known for its dynamic degree combinations and vibrant nature. 

Undergraduate degrees in Fine Arts offer four Performing Arts majors, including Dance, Music Theatre, Production and Acting. All of these degrees are three years in length with Honours study available.

The university is home to new facilities, including five purpose-build dance studios which regularly house performances! The University of Melbourne also prides itself on integrating students into the industry.

If you study Musical Theatre, for example you will collaborate with students from other degrees and take part in professional performances. 

Because of the practical nature of Performing Arts degrees, students are on campus four to five days a week. 

Scholarships for this university can be found here!

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements to each Fine Arts degree includes a score of at least 25 in English or at least 30 in EAL. They must also apply through VTAC and submit a basic application form.

Additional requirements for Year 12 leavers are as follows:

    • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance): An audition including intro to camera, demonstration of technique, set movement phrase and one minute solo. Interviews are undertaken if a student is shortlisted. Students are then ranked according to interview.
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre): An audition of at least two songs, one in a musical theatre genre and two monologues. Students will be asked to attend a three-hour workshop to display skills. 
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting): An audition of two contrasting monologues 2-3 minutes in length and 16 bars of any song to be sung a Capella. There will be subsequent call back auditions.
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production): An upload of a selection project the student has undertaken, with varying requirements each year. Successful students will be contacted for an interview. 

Lucinda Garbutt-Young hopes to one day be writing for a big-shot newspaper… or maybe just for a friendly magazine in the arts sector. Right now, she is enjoying studying a Bachelor of Public Communication (Public Relations and Journalism) at UTS while she writes on the side. She also loves making coffees for people in her job as a barista, and loves nothing more than a sun shower.


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