It’s been an amazing 2019 for Art of Smart. 

This year:

We helped 5000+ students excel through 1 on 1 tutoring, classes and workshops

Guided another group of Year 12’s through their journey to ace the HSC

Held over 120 workshops across Sydney

Had half a million people access our online resources

People watched our videos for over 10,000 hours!

None of this could have been done without our wonderful tutors. That’s why we recently held our Coach of The Year Awards.

The crazy thing is, 1 in 4 of all our tutors were nominated by their students. Find out who made it through in this video!

Coach of the Year – Shagun Panwar

Shagun is the winner of our coveted Coach of the Year Award!

Shagun joined the Art of Smart Team in 2017 and over this time has inspired countless students via 1 on 1 tutoring and leading group classes, while also taking on the role of Art of Smart Resource Design team leader.

Over the last 2 years in her role as Resource Design Team Leader, Shagun has successfully led a team of over 40 teachers, tutors and mentors from across Sydney, across multiple subject areas, to carefully design, write, edit, and then print, with strict and tight deadlines over 100+ New HSC Syllabus Resource Books, totalling 15,000+ pages, with over 7,500+ practice questions.

And she’s done all of this while studying Mechatronics Engineering at UNSW, and continuing to lead classes and support students 1 on 1.

Helen, the mother of 2 students Shagun has supported over this time in her nomination of Shagun said:

“My daughters are opposite in personality, and yet Shagun has developed a wonderful rapport with both of them. Shagun has impressively fostered a trusting, mentoring relationship with each of them individually. Of course, on top of that, she is the best maths tutor ever!”

On top of this, one of the students was sitting the HSC and toppped her year!

Rupali, another one of her students wrote in her nomination:

“Her broad stem knowledge allowed me to not only understand the Chemistry syllabus but also make links to other subjects to form a holistic view. She went beyond her role as a tutor and became a friend by showing interest in my personal life to catalyse self-growth.”

Shagun was our Coach of the Year, but she’s much more than that to students. She’s also a mentor, role model and friend!

Student Success Award (Primary) – Cattleya Mai

Cattleya is the winner of our first Student Success Award for her great work mentoring and guiding her primary school student throughout the year. 

According to her mother Gar, the student was a “little lost soul”.

However, once she started her lessons Cattleya, things began to change drastically!

The student’s mother explains:

“As the months rolled on she started showing a love of maths. She came out of her shell and she wanted to do extra work. Her confidence and work ethic have changed so vastly in such a short time.”

Cattleya made things a bit easier for Mum too!

“This term my daughter started working independently. This is huge for me as I run a busy household with 2 other children. Hiring Cat from Art of smart was the best decision I ever made. My only regret is I didnt start earlier!”

Well done on your amazing work Cattleya!

Student Success Award (High School) – Eugene Lee

Eugene has earnt our second student success award for his work with Jack, a Year 12 student.

After the departure of a former Maths teacher, Jack lost his confidence and his results slumped.

In his nomination for Eugene, Jack states:

“Eugene was great at helping me with my issue, providing much-needed assistance in a useful manner that allowed me to grasp concepts that I had previously struggled with. I saw an instant improvement in results and overall enjoyment of Maths, an impact that has carried through to my HSC exams. Eugene is a great tutor and is well-deserving of this award.”

Jack’s parents were also so appreciative of Eugene’s support:

“We were very lucky enough to have Eugene tutor our son Jack in Mathematics. Eugene was fantastic, he quickly
gained the trust of our son and established a repour with him and this enabled our son to open up and learn from Eugene. Our son always seemed motivated and pumped after his tutoring session with Eugene. To be honest, he was reluctant to go every Sat morning and it was a 1.5 hours session. However it was so great to see the enthusiasm and care Eugene gave our son and he gave him a real boost in confidence.

Our son was really happy after the sessions. Eugene gave our son peace of mind and excellent knowledge of maths and maths prep for the exam. Our son quickly went up in his ranking in maths after Eugene tutoring him and our son even mentioned after the HSC exam, that the exam was easier than he thought and all thanks to Eugene. As parents we were so relieved this worked out so well!”

Eugene was able to raise his student’s scores and his spirits! A well-deserved nomination indeed.

All-Rounder Award – Yeo Min Jung

Our All-Rounder Award for 2019 went to Yeo Min Jung.

Yeo-Min over the last 2 years has supported over 25 students in their journey through high school! Yeo-Min has been able to help in both English and Maths and is such a fantastic all-rounder!

According to one of his students Vivien:

“Although he only tutored me math for a couple of months, his explanations are clear and I picked up concepts and ideas swiftly.”

He received this award based on his awesome versatility and clear communicative skills.

“He takes the time to make sure you understand. Whenever I told him I didn’t understand something, he
would always find a way to explain it differently and was very thoughtful with his explanations.”

Congratulations Yeo Min Jung on your amazing efforts!

Customer’s Choice Award – Brooklyn Arnot

Brooklyn is an amazing tutor and a massive asset for Art of Smart. She’s a master of HSC English (and the co-host of our new HSC English video series called #HSC English Lit Program, or HELP for short) and received a HUGE amount of nominations this year from her students!

Specifically, Brooklyn has been super helpful in getting students used to the new syllabus!

Her student Angus says:

“She has been an incredible tutor. At a volatile time with the change of the English curriculum and with very few teachers having the knowledge required to complete the new English Syllabus, Brooklyn nailed all aspects. I feel she has taken English from being my worst subject to one of my best.” 

Another parent Patty said:

“My son was living overseas for most of the year while trying to complete his HSC online. From our first meeting with Rowan it was clear he understood the help we needed and the tutors he suggested were great. Brooklyn in particular was a real stand out.

She is amazing and my son instantly felt at ease with her. Brooklyn is patient, diligent and really cared about supporting my son even remotely via video conference when he was away or via more frequent sessions when in town. He couldn’t have done it without her. A massive thanks to Brooklyn and Art of Smart!”

Great work Brooklyn!

Art of Smart Leadership Award – Dominic Serov

Dominic stepped up incredibly over the year to lead our ever-growing campus team in supporting our students, parents and team!

His friendly smile is a staple at Art of Smart and coming to campus wouldn’t be the same without him.

He was also the winner of the Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai Local Business Awards Youth of the Year Award for 2019!

In recognition of that award and the awesome interpersonal skills he’s displayed at Art of Smart, we presented him with our Leadership Award. Thanks for your great work Dom!

MVP 1 on 1 Award – Chloe Skewes-Weir

Chloe is the winner of our MVP 1 on 1 Award for her commitment and dedication to 1 on 1 tutoring.

She delivered the most tutoring hours this year, travelling between different student’s houses and adapting her teaching style constantly.

Not only did she do this while studying full time, but she also achieved such a feat while working at a law firm and studying full-time!

Thank you, Chloe, for your amazing work at Art of Smart.

MVP Campus Award – Jessica Duan

Jessica is the winner of our MVP Campus award. This is because she delivered the most 1 on 1 tutoring sessions with students at our Hornsby Campus and showed extreme dedication in 2019.

Jessica stepped up greatly this year, taking on further responsibilities such as leading classes at campus and developing resources for the company.

Plus, she did all this while also studying an education degree at University!

Well done Jessica, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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