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How Working at Art of Smart Helped John get a Job at Ernst and Young

Often tutoring is seen as a casual gig you do while at university that provides little opportunity for further employment.

Oh, how wrong this assumption is!

Meet John: He’s currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Laws at Macquarie University. John has worked as a tutor with Art of Smart since 2015! He was also highly involved in the resource development team and aided in the creation of new syllabus content.

By making the most of the opportunities and resources at Art of Smart, John was able to develop the skills required to work at Ernst and Young, a multinational professional services firm. 

Want to find out how working at AOS can lead to greater horizons?

Let’s hear from John himself:  

What exactly will you be doing in your new role?

So previously I was working with a barrister and he offered me a full-time role. The work I do is tax-related, I assess remuneration for clients who need Ernst and Young’s services.

For those who don’t know, Ernst and Young provides assurance, tax, consulting and advisory services to numerous companies around the world. Sounds like the perfect gig for a student of Commerce and Laws. 

It’s super intense and fast-paced, and there’s a lot of dealing with other people. Luckily, this is something I had to do heaps of at Art of Smart!

How has working at Art of Smart helped you land this new job?

Interacting with students has developed my interpersonal skills greatly. As a tutor, I had to establish a strong channel of communication between the students, myself and their parents. 

In doing so, I would explain step by step how we’re going to approach the students’ problems moving forward. I would have to isolate and focus on student needs.

The same goes for my new job. At Ernst and Young, I’m required to isolate what my client needs and provide them with suitable resources. These kind of skills are directly translatable from tutoring!

Communication/interpersonal skills such as these are highly valued in a work environment and improve a candidates employability greatly!

How has Art of Smart supported you in developing new skills?

At Art of Smart, tutors are provided with an awesome amount of resources.

For example, the Kickstarter handbooks:

Kickstarter handbooks are provided to all tutors. They’re used at the beginning of each lesson to establish the students goals (both academic and non academic), and what they plan to get out of their sessions together. It makes getting started a lot easier!

These were super useful in developing my problem-solving skills. It gives you that extra push you need to focus on identifying the student’s weaknesses and very importantly: setting goals.

Goal setting is a valuable skill in the professional world and this is developed through the long term vision garnered by the resources and training you’re provided at Art of Smart.

As well as the Kickstarter booklets, there’s a bunch of resources available online and various regular team events and meetings that focus on self-development!

How to Network Like a Professional Workshop (2019)

How can other coaches make the best use of their time with AOS to develop their skills?

It’s pretty simple – GET INVOLVED!

If you have a specific skill you want to target, there’s most likely a role at Art of Smart that can help you.

Don’t be scared to apply or enquire about further job opportunities if you want to build upon your professional experience. Personally, I was in the resource development team before our current campus at Hornsby was even open.

This experience was super enriching on a personal and professional level just based on my interactions with other team members, not to mention the development of my technical skills.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking of applying with AOS?

You should definitely apply.

The combination of professional and personal skills that are provided makes it a really rewarding experience over time.

On top of this, you get to witness your student’s growth and contribute to someone else’s success, which is always awesome.

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