The transition from Year 11 to Year 12 can be really challenging.

Workload increases, expectations change and it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

That’s why we wanted to know what current Year 12 students wished they had done differently during the transition from Year 11 to Year 12 that would have set them up better for the HSC year.

So let’s find out what advice they have for you:

Well, you heard it here first!

For some students, the transition from Year 11 to Year 12 can be overwhelming. For some students, they find they were well prepared and didn’t have a lot of trouble making that transition.

Every HSC student can look back and in hindsight, wish they had done things differently during the transition from Year 11 to 12. 

But here’s the good news:

You can find out what they wish they did differently before you get to Year 12 and make the same mistakes!

Here are the top tips from current HSC students to help you in your transition from Year 11 to Year 12!

Keep the momentum from Prelims up for Term 1 of Year 12! It’s really easy to slack off after Prelims, so it’s easier to transition into Year 12 if you keep the intensity up!


Start earlier! Study notes, revision, assessments – start everything early!


Prepare to say no to going out and too many extracurricular activities! Not always, but sometimes.


Keep a study schedule and an organised timetable. Things get hectic during the HSC so it’s good to always know what’s coming up next.


Revise your study notes every week! Do at least some revision each week for your subjects.


Start your Majors Works as early as humanly possible! Dedicate the majority of your work and time to them earlier rather than later, to save yourself (and your teacher!) a lot of stress in the final two weeks before the due date!


Take advantage of after-school programs, for example, tutorials, homework help sessions, workshops, etc.


Have a set plan of how you’re going to tackle study notes from the beginning of the year. Be diligent with your notes!


Don’t be too hard on yourself, know you can always improve and do better! Year 12 is the final opportunity to do well in High School, so make the most of it!

Do you feel like you need some support through the transition from Year 11 into Year 12?

We have an incredible team of teachers, tutors and mentors who can have been there and are reading to help you make that transition!

Our team can help you:

Step 1: Consolidate your Year 11 knowledge so you’re prepared for the jump from prelims to the HSC


Step 2: Get ahead from Day 1, Term 1 of Year 12


Step 3: Develop a rock-solid study plan for the HSC

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you transition from Year 11 to Year 12!

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