Master Prelim HSC Chemistry in Year 11 with inspirational tutoring.

Get confident with small personalised classes taught by experienced teachers. From just $40 per hour.

1. We help you gain an in-depth understanding so you can master the Year 11 Chemistry course

Our Year 11 Chemistry classes help students systematically, syllabus dot point, by dot point, develop an in-depth understanding and mastery of the fundamentals for the Year 11 Prelim HSC Chemistry course so you are confident and ready for your HSC assessments.

2. We develop your Year 11 Chemistry problem solving skills so you can ace Prelim HSC questions

Our Year 11 Chemistry classes help students develop their problem solving skills through extensive HSC style practice question work, so you can solve the most challenging questions in your Year 11 Chemistry assessments!

3. We get you confident and organised for Year 11 Chemistry with inspirational mentoring

Recognising that excelling in Year 11 Chemistry isn’t simply an equation of knowing your formulas or content, our Year 11 Chemistry team mentor you, teaching you how to effectively study and prepare for your Year 11 Chemistry assessments!

Here’s how our Year 11 Chemistry classes work:

1.5 Hour Detailed Theory Lesson

We systematically teach you the Year 11 Chemistry course, syllabus dot-point, by dot-point to ensure you comprehensively understand the entire course and can ace your Prelim HSC assessments.

1 Hour Targeted Tutorial

In our tutorials we answer any questions you have from school, support you with your assessments and expose you to HSC-style questions so you can develop your exam problem solving skills!

New HSC Syllabus Resources

Master the Year 11 Chemistry content quicker with our comprehensive 500+ page resources filled with over 500 practice questions that are designed by qualified teachers.

Taught by Experienced Teachers

Our Year 11 Chemistry classes are led by our Head of Science, Adrian, who is a qualified teacher, who won the University Medal in Chemistry at Sydney University!

PLUS you also receive…

Bonus 1 on 1 Tutoring Sessions

Access up to 3 bonus free 1 on 1 tutoring sessions each school term with your class enrolment and get additional specific targeted support on the areas that you find most difficult as well as exam and assessment support.

New Syllabus Year 11 Chemistry Term Program

10 weekly engaging lessons per term

Module 1: Properties of Structure and Matter

  • Week 1: Properties of Matter
  • Week 2: Atomic Structure & Atomic Mass
  • Week 3: Electronic Structure and Isotopes
  • Week 4: Evidence for Electronic Structure
  • Week 5: Periodicity
  • Week 6: Electronegativity
  • Week 7: Chemical Structures
  • Week 8: Intermolecular and Intramolecular Bonds
  • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
  • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 1 Revision

Module 2 & 3: Quantitative & Reactive Chemistry

  • Week 1: Chemical Reactions & Stoichiometry
  • Week 2: Mole Concept
  • Week 3: Concentration & Molarity
  • Week 4: Gas Laws 
  • Week 5: Chemical Reactions
  • Week 6: Predicting Reactions of Metals
  • Week 7: Redox Reactions
  • Week 8: Rates of Reactions
  • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
  • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 2 & 3 Revision

Module 4: Drivers of Reactions

  • Week 1: Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
  • Week 2: Calorimetry
  • Week 3: Enthalpy
  • Week 4: Enthalpy II
  • Week 5: Entropy
  • Week 6: Gibbs Free Energy
  • Week 7: Entropy Changes
  • Week 8: Entropy and Gibbs Free Energy
  • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
  • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 4 Revision
Studying Year 11 Chemistry in a different sequence at your school?
We run classes on different sequences upon request and also provide 1 on 1 tutoring.

Year 11 Chemistry Class Structure

Designed to support students excel with the new Year 11 Prelim HSC Chemistry syllabus, students receive a 1.5-hour theory class that systematically covers the syllabus and a 1-hour tutorial to answer students’ burning questions and help them prepare for assessments!

Here’s a sneak peak of our Year 11 Chemistry Resources!

Our Year 11 Chemistry Resources are:


  • Designed by a qualified Chemistry teacher our Head of Science, Adrian, who is a University Medalist in Chemistry.
  • Over 500+ pages across 3 x Term Resource Books that systematically covers the syllabus to help you master all the content
  • Provides you with 500+ exam-style practice questions to help you reinforce your understanding and prepare you for your Prelim HSC exams
  • End of Term Mock Exams, and End of Year Mock Exam to help you prepare for your assessments, and build your exam technique for Year 12
  • Includes worked examples and tips, tricks and hacks to help you understand key content and solve challenging questions!

Learn from and be inspired by experienced Year 11 Prelim HSC Chemistry teachers

Our Year 11 Chemistry classes are led by our Head of Science Adrian, who is a qualified high school teacher with extensive experience leading Year 11 classes through the new HSC syllabus.

Adrian has a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Chemistry at the University of Sydney where he won the University Medal in both Physics and Chemistry and he is very passionate about Chemistry.

His enthusiasm for Science is contagious! Come and try a class with Adrian and get inspired!

Successfully helping students excel in Year 11 Chemistry at school since 2009


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Year 11 Chemistry Term Timetable

10 x 2.5 hour engaging weekly lessons to build your knowledge


Tuesday 4:30PM – 7:00PM
Saturday 2:30PM – 5:00PM


Wednesday 4:30PM – 7:00PM
Saturday 2:30PM – 5:00PM


Class location or timing doesn’t fit your schedule?
We provide 1 on 1 tutoring in homes across Sydney.

Year 11 Chemistry Class Pricing

$40 p/h x 2.5 hours = $100 per week

Here’s what you will receive:

  • Classes taught by experienced Year 11 Chemistry teachers
  • 10 weekly engaging classes that save you lots of study time!
  • 1.5 Hour Theory Class per week and 1 Hour Targeted Tutorial
  • BONUS free 1 on 1 tutoring sessions each term to target your weak areas!
  • Comprehensive New Prelim HSC Syllabus Resource Books
  • Hundreds of Prelim HSC style practice questions
  • End of term topic exams, and Mock Prelim HSC exams
  • Study pass to study at our campus during the week

All classes come with a First Lesson Money Back Guarantee, so you can get confident that the class is the right fit for you!

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