Are you struggling to write more than 600 words in your HSC exam essays? You might need to work on your writing speed!

Handwriting is an integral part of any HSC exam. Being able to write legibly and quickly is a major step in improving your exam results, as ultimately, the HSC rewards both quantity and quality.

In this video, Rowan gives his top 2 tips to improving your handwriting speed for any exam. 

Let’s dive in!

Tip #1: Conduct a Pen Experiment
Tip #2: Use the 10% Less Time Rule

Tip #1: Conduct a Pen Experiment!

Having the right type of pen is critical in your ability to write quickly.

We suggest that if you haven’t found the right brand of pen to help you in your exams, go to Officeworks or your local stationery store and buy ten different pens to experiment with.

Test each pen, looking for the ones that feel the best, the smoothest, the quickest, and ultimately, the easiest to write with.

Once you’ve found the right pen, practice with it! Handwrite all your study essays to get extra practice and increase your writing speed. 

Tip #2: Use the 10% Less Time Rule

Practice makes perfect when it comes to quick and legible handwriting.

If you want to write faster, you have to train your hand to write quickly under exam conditions.

We suggest using the ‘10% less time rule.’

For example, if you have to write a 40 minute English essay in an assessment, practice writing out an essay in 36 minutes instead of the full 40.

This will force you to write faster, to push your handwriting limits so that you can improve your writing speed!

This means that you can go into the exams feeling confident, because you know you can write a full essay in less time and this means that it’s going to make you feel more confident when you get into the exam.

Overall, your writing speed is so integral to helping you achieve your best in the HSC – but no fear, have a go at these two tips and see if they work for you in building up the confidence and skills to help you ace those exams. 

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