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Workshop Topics

Motivation & Organisation

We help students get motivated, overcome procrastination, organise their time and teach them how to create effective study notes!

The Future of Work

With 60% of young people studying for jobs that won’t exist in 20 years, we help schools understand how they can equip their students to thrive in this future!

Study & Exam Skills

We help students create a powerful study plan, identify the best strategies to build memory for specific subjects and teach them exam technique!

Work Readiness Skills

We teach students how to write a killer resume, craft a powerful LinkedIn profile, network professionally and successfully apply for jobs and work experience!

Applying for Scholarships

We teach students how to find scholarships, what scholarship admissions boards look for & how they can craft an application that stands out!

Starting a Business

We equip students with key entrepreneurial skills they need in life, regardless if they plan on running their own business, or working for someone else!

Choosing a Uni Course

We provide students with an objective overview of strengths and weaknesses of each university and provide a framework to make a decision!

Design Thinking & Empathy

We teach students the key steps of design thinking, human centred design and the importance of empathy as a problem solving framework!

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