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The Master List of HSC Visual Arts Practice Papers

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Struggling to find HSC Visual Arts past papers?

We’ve got you covered!

Visual Arts Practice Papers are one of the best ways to study. So, find somewhere quiet, turn off your phone and get practising!

We’ve put together a bunch of past papers for your convenience right here!

HSC Visual Arts Past Papers

HSC Visual Arts Exam PaperHSC Visual Arts Marking Guidelines
2020 Exam Paper2020 Marking Guidelines
2019 Exam Paper2019 Marking Guidelines
2018 Exam Paper2018 Marking Guidelines
2017 Exam Paper2017 Marking Guidelines
2016 Exam Paper2016 Marking Guidelines
2015 Exam Paper2015 Marking Guidelines
2014 Exam Paper2014 Marking Guidelines
2013 Exam Paper2013 Marking Guidelines
2012 Exam Paper2012 Marking Guidelines
2011 Exam Paper2011 Marking Guidelines

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Brooklyn Arnot is currently studying Philosophy, History and English at The University of Sydney. In her spare time she enjoys drawing mythical landscapes, flowers, trees, and artsy signs for her cafe during long train rides and basically any time there is a pen and paper around. Her incredible high school English teachers gave her a passion for literature and education, leading to her extreme enthusiasm for the HSC English syllabus and her dream to go to Scandinavia to study old viking literature.

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