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Top 10 Lucrative UNSW Scholarships for Undergrad Domestic Students

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Whether you’ve been particularly drawn to UNSW or are generally sussing out what scholarships you could apply for, these are the 10 most lucrative UNSW scholarships you can apply for! 

However, remember these aren’t all of the UNSW scholarships and there may be others you can search for on their website that apply more specifically to your field of interest, level of study or social and cultural background. 

So check out these 10 UNSW scholarships and see what you could qualify for!

#10 UNSW Access Scholarship

This UNSW scholarship simply helps out students commencing undergraduate studies at UNSW. You must demonstrate an educational disadvantage and be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, but other than that there’s no other criteria!

Monetary value 

The UNSW Access Scholarship is worth $10,000 per year for the duration of your degree.

Application Process

Simply apply through the UAC for the Educational Access Scheme!

Educational advantages include any of the following criteria:

    • Indigenous Australian
    • Disrupted schooling
    • Home environment and responsibilities
    • Personal illness/disabilities
    • Refugee status
    • School environment

Further info on this scholarship can be found here!

#9 Jillian Segal Scientia Scholarship 

This is a scholarship encouraging extremely high achieving students to study as a full-time undergrad at UNSW. However, there is a catch — you must’ve achieved a 99.95 ATAR in your HSC or HSC equivalent, in order to qualify.

Beyond this, you’ll also be assessed on your leadership ability and experience in community engagement.

Monetary Value 

The Jillian Segal Scientia Scholarship is worth $12,000 per year of study. 

Application Process

You need to apply for the UNSW General Merit Undergraduate Scholarship for High School Leavers and be commencing full-time study at UNSW.

    • You will need an ATAR (or equivalent) of 99.95 
    • You will be assessed on academic merit, leadership skills, extra-curricular activities and general aptitude and commitment 

More info can be found here! 

#8 Faculty of Engineering Elite Interstate Women Scholarship

This is a scholarship that aims to assist academically impressive women who live interstate but want to study undergrad engineering at UNSW. Women are currently underrepresented in STEM, so this is a great and important opportunity! 

To be considered for this scholarship, you must:

    • Be an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident
    • Be a female student
    • Have completed the HSC (or equivalent) in Australia in the year prior to commencing study at UNSW
    • Commence full-time undergrad study in a Faculty of Engineering degree

Monetary Value 

The Faculty of Engineering Elite Interstate Women Scholarship is worth $12,000.

Application Process

This one is easy as you don’t need to apply at all, if your general UAC application identifies you as a suitable candidate, you will be contacted!

There’s a little bit more info to check out here!  

#7 Chik Fun Leung Scholarship

This scholarship importantly exists to encourage gifted students that are looking to study at the UNSW Business School but are currently facing barriers to receiving a university education.

These barriers that must be demonstrated can include financial hardship, disrupted schooling, personal illness/disability and more outlined here!

Monetary Value 

The Chik Fun Leung Scholarship is worth $14,000 for the duration of your studies. 

Application Process

Students must have completed the HSC or an equivalent either in the previous two years or have successfully completed a UNSW Foundation Studies program in a Commerce stream. You must be commencing in a UNSW Business School degree that is eligible for the scholarship.

To apply, you must do so through the UAC Equity Scholarships scheme and demonstrate at least one educational disadvantage. 

Check out any other info you might need here!

#6 UNSW Co-op Program

If you’ve been excelling academically and dabbling in some extra curricular activities throughout high school, it might be worth applying to the UNSW Co-op Program. This program focuses on career development, aiming to develop graduates into true, industry-ready professionals!

You’ll receive mentoring and financial support as you gain industry experience, leadership skills, learn to network and more. However, it’s important to note that to qualify for this program you’ll need to be studying in certain areas within Business, Technology or Engineer and Science — the exact qualifying degrees can be found here.

Monetary Value 

The UNSW Co-op Program scholarship is worth $19,600 for up to four years. 

Application Process

You can apply here the application will involve getting a representative from your school to support your application and sending in a video of how charming and interesting you are! 

Your application will be considered on the basis of academic results, emotional intelligence, leadership potential, community work and extra-curricular activities.

Learn more about this UNSW scholarship here!

#5 The Landon-Smith Family Scholarship

This is a great scholarship that was created to support Indigenous students to study undergrad at UNSW. Depending on circumstances it can support the costs of accommodation, or be paid as a stipend. 

Monetary Value 

The Landon-Smith Family Scholarship is worth either $24,000 per year for the Accommodation Scholarship or $7000 per year for the Stipend Scholarship.

Application Process

You must be an Australian Indigenous student who is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, have completed the NSW HSC or equivalent in the previous two years and be commencing full-time undergraduate study at UNSW

Apply through an Equity Scholarship application via UAC.

Discover more about this scholarship here!

#4 Adamsas Family Scholarship

This scholarship is for students who have received an offer at any UNSW on-campus accommodation and can demonstrate they are from a regional, rural or remote area and from a low socioeconomic background. 

Monetary Value

The Adamsas Family Scholarship is worth $25,000 per year for up to 5 years. 

Application Process

In order to apply, you must demonstrate you can meet the above criteria and apply through UAC.

More details can be found here!

#3 J Holden Family Foundation Endowed Residential Scholarship

This scholarship is for students from rural or remote areas to help them with accommodation costs while studying at UNSW. For this scholarship, a wide range of criteria will be considered such as academic performance, demonstrated community contributions and commitment to extracurricular pursuits. 

Monetary Value

The J Holden Family Foundation Endowed Residential Scholarship is worth $25,000 per year and the standard amount will be paid directly as accommodation fees.

Application Process

To be considered, you must be from a rural, remote or regional area and have received an offer to reside at Basser College. You can apply through UAC as outlined here!

#2 UNSW Accommodation Scholarship

This scholarship exists to help out undergrad and postgrad students with accommodation costs while studying at UNSW. This will be paid directly as accommodation fees to UNSW Student Accommodation. In some cases, you may rather receive a living allowance. 

Monetary Value

For the UNSW Accommodation Scholarship, the standard monetary amount will be $25,000 per year across the duration of the program.

Application Process 

You must have received an offer to reside at any of UNSW on-campus accommodation sites to be eligible.

You can apply through your UAC Equity Scholarship, which will put you into consideration.

Check out more info here!

#1 2021 Indigenous General Merit Undergraduate Scholarships

This scholarship is open to all recent High School Leavers. Applying for this scholarship will put you in consideration for a range of scholarships across all UNSW faculties.

Once you apply for this scholarship, you’ll qualify for a range of different scholarships depending on your field of study. 

Monetary Value 

The exact monetary value will depend on which faculty you are applying for. If you study Medicine, you’ll be applying for a $30,000 per year scholarship, which is the highest.

However, there are also significant amounts available across other faculties. 

Application Process

You will need to submit an online application for the scholarship, as as well as apply for admission to a UNSW undergraduate degree.

You will be assessed based on academic merit, school and community roles and experience in extra-curricular activities.

More info can be found here!

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