One of the things I am often asked is: “What’s the difference between an average student and top performing HSC students?”. 

It’s a great question!

That’s why in this article and video I’m going to share with you 2 key differences I’ve seen after 10+ years working with thousands of top performing HSC students across Australia.

Let’s jump in!

It’s got nothing to do with IQ.

That’s right.

The difference between average and top-performing HSC students hasn’t got much to do with innate ability.

Research shows that performance has got nothing to do with IQ. There’s no correlation between IQ and performance at school.

So, you might be asking then:

What is the difference between an average student and top performing HSC students?

It comes down to two main things:

Difference #1: Consistency

Top performing HSC students work consistently.

They know it’s not an equation of doing nothing all year and then all of a sudden cramming at the last minute and getting good results.

Working consistently, day in, day out, is the first major difference.

This is important because over time it creates a compound effect.

For example, as HSC students get closer to Trial HSC Exams in Year 12, they do incredible well because they’ve built an incredibly strong foundation with long-term, consistent work and study.

Are you working consistently?

If not, that’s the first thing I’m going to challenge you to work on to step up and become a top performer.

Difference #2: Seeking Feedback

The second major difference between average and top performing HSC students is that top performers don’t just use feedback, they actively seek it out.

Because of the way we work as human beings, we tend to be a bit afraid of seeking feedback because it can be harsh and hurt our feelings and ego.

Top performing HSC students are always seeking feedback. Whether that’s essays to be marked, asking teachers and mentors for what they can improve on.

And top performing HSC students don’t just actively seek out feedback, they then actively use it to improve!

Are you seeking feedback?

If you are, are you then actively using the feedback you’re given to improve your work?

This is a really critical difference between average and top performing HSC students.

But the truth is the frequency at which you get feedback is going to make a huge impact on your learning.

One of the best ways to accelerate the amount of feedback you receive is to get your own personal tutor who can provide you with lots and lots of feedback on what you are doing well, and critical areas where you need to improve.

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The truth about the difference between average and top performing HSC students is…

It has nothing to do with IQ.

An innate ability or how smart you think you are really has nothing to do with your ability to become a top-performing HSC student.

Difference #1: Consistency

How consistent are you?

Difference #2: Feedback

How much are you actively seeking out feedback? And how are you using the feedback you’re given?

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