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Jutta and her son Tom (Year 12) working with Art of Smart for 2 years in 3U Maths. We recently chatted to Jutta who shared her experiences in working with Art of Smart and the impact it’s had for Tom!

Prior to getting started with Art of Smart, what help was Tom needing?

Tom goes to Baulkham Hills High which sets a high standard and along the way he started losing a bit of confidence in Maths. As he started Year 11 and was considering taking 3U Maths, we thought it would be a good idea to get some support.

From experience with our older son Max, we’d worked with Art of Smart and our Vamsi in the past and we’d seen the benefit that tutoring could provide.

How did you hear about Art of Smart?

We’d initially found Art of Smart from a Google Search. Art of Smart came across very professional from very early on and had what we needed.

The other things that sold it to me at the beginning that we actually Art of Smart delivered tutoring & mentoring locally to us. This was something in particularly we were looking for.

When we first started we went to the local library, but then from then on the tutors came to our house which was fantastic for us, as I couldn’t always be at home due to work, so the tutors could come and work with my boys.

Why did you ultimately choose Art of Smart?

Subject expertise, professionalism, local delivery and flexibility.

Our Art of Smart tutors provided a great quality of teaching, and they were flexible around what suited us which was fantastic.

Not only were our Art of Smart tutors good at the subject matter, but it was also great that all tutors also spent time working with students on mentoring on how to study effectively, and providing accountability for study, and helping them get into a good routine!

Finally, I also think it’s fantastic that the tutors are recent graduates themselves. While some might want people who have been teaching for years, the tutors we had from AOS were great role models. They are not in the too distant future for high school students and for our boys to see their tutors in university is inspirational. There is also a peer relationship which worked very well for both Tom and Max.

What was the moment in working with Art of Smart that you knew you’d made the right decision?

When my older son Max needed tutoring in 4U Maths, initially Art of Smart didn’t have anyone available.

I spoke to Laura from Art of Smart and she said we’ll hire someone for you. Laura then called me back to let me know that they had found someone and they were putting them through the final steps to ensure they were the right fit.

Laura however then called back to say that they hadn’t met the standard and that Art of Smart couldn’t get us started with that person and they would continue to look for someone who would be the right fit.

For me I was very impressed at this point because it told me that Art of Smart was a company with integrity. That they wouldn’t just send someone out who hadn’t met the standard.

What have we done to help Tom?

Vamsi and Tom worked particularly well. Vamsi was fantastic at explaining the concepts in a clear way for Tom and then was great at making Tom do the work required for 3U and keeping him accountable! The confidence boost was very noticeable!

In selective school, they go very quickly, and it can be easy to fall behind (and this isn’t representative of a student’s ability but simply the pace of the classes).

When we started in Year 11, Tom was scoring in the mid 80% range, however in his Trial HSC he got 100% in 3U Maths!

This was fantastic, however the most important thing wasn’t his marks – it was about growing his confidence.

What’s the best thing your tutor has done to support your child?

He’s given Tom confidence! The way they worked together through the problem solving and the support was fantastic and this helped Tom become more confident in Maths!

Tom has now finished the HSC and graduated from Year 12!

Tom attained an ATAR of 99.85, including a score of 98 in 3U Maths, and 95 in 4U Maths!

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