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The tutors and the teachers at Art of Smart are really helpful and they’ve been through the HSC — they’ve seen students like this who have done really badly and turned that around, so they know exactly how to help you and target your weak areas.


Mark improvement in HSC Economics

Band 6

In external HSC Economics exam



My tutor at Art of Smart was a big help. When I got that 70% mark he encouraged me to not take it too hard and keep working. Consistency is key! As I got better and better, the marks started to naturally go up.


Mark improvement in Extension 1 Maths


In HSC Advanced Maths

Band 6

In Extension 1 Maths

With help from my mentor and Daniel and Rowan, I was able to write an application that got me through to the next stage of the BIT Co-op for UTS. Through advice from one of the interview workshops in the Pathfinder program, I was able to confidently pitch myself in the interview stage, for which I was also able to successfully receive a conditional offer!


Improvement in personal branding


Increase in resume optimisation


Co-op scholarship recipient

My experience with my mentor Sarah was the best and most helpful experience in the whole program. The one-on-one attention and support made a real difference to my needs and progress.


Increase in study quality


Decrease in procrastination


University early entry offers

One of the biggest takeaways has been to step out of my comfort zone and give it a go. If I was applying for early entry independently, I probably would have given up and wouldn’t have considered applying but doing it as part of the program with a team to support me was really encouraging.


Increased in resume optimisation


Improvement in personal branding


Scholarship for international students

Art of Smart’s English tutoring is amazing. Hannah would just drill things into my head and then eventually I got it. She also provided emotional support when I was feeling very upset about exams — she would calm me down and say one thing at a time which helped motivate me.


Mark improvement in HSC Advanced English

Band 4

Result in HSC Advanced English

Early Entry

Into Macquarie University

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