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Colleen and her daughter Tess (Year 12) worked with Art of Smart for just under 1 year for her HSC in English. We recently chatted to Colleen who shared her experiences in working with Art of Smart and the impact it’s had for Tess!

Prior to getting started with Art of Smart, what help was Tess needing?

Tess is bright, however she get’s a bit embarrassed if she’s good at something. So she might know an answer, but won’t ever put her hand up in class. She’d prefer blend into the background.

In Year 7, I spent time working with her and she went from struggling to coming first in some of her subjects so it showed she was highly capable. As she went into Year 11 she was going to take General Maths and Standard English, however we encouraged her to challenge herself and take Advanced English, 2U Maths, Legal Studies and Ancient History.

As Tess was in Year 11, she was struggling with Maths and English, and the school’s attitude was that if you struggle with something you should just drop a level! I was called me into a meeting at end of Year 11 and discover it’s a meeting with the Deputy Headmaster, 5 teachers, and Tess. Basically a lot of pressure was placed on Tess to drop a level and it was at this point we looked to get additional help!

We wanted Tess to make an effort and felt it was worth investing the money for this.

How did you hear about Art of Smart?

I saw an ad in the newspaper or online and gave Art of Smart and spoke to Fiona who was fantastic!

Why did you ultimately choose Art of Smart?

I was looking for someone who was removed from the family and Art of Smart were very professional. While Tess’s sister is absolutely brilliant at English, Tess wouldn’t do the work required and listen and learn because it was her sister!

What was the moment in working with Art of Smart that you knew you’d made the right decision? Why? What did we do?

When Tess stopped kicking and thrashing about going to tutoring! She had the obligatory initial ‘I don’t want tutoring’, but after that, she realised it was helping her and went happily to sessions!

Even when things came up, Tess sessions always re-organised the sessions, rather than letting things slip for that week! Testament to her enjoying and benefiting from sessions.

Tess responded well to Erin who was quirky in a lovely way! Different people connect with different people, and Erin connected incredibly well with Tess! Their connection was a key part of what made things work!

What has Erin done to help Tess? What have the results been?

Erin our tutor was super organised and was incredibly clear in her communication. She’s got a very logical, ordered approach and puts things down in a logical way. She knew the curriculum, knew the books and novels and brought this fantastic level of knowledge.

Erin helped Tess believe in herself and give her the confidence to really give English a proper go. In the end Tess got 67.3% in English for HSC which was fantastic! When we’d started tutoring she was 25th out of 25 students in grade and was not doing well.

In the end she got the average mark across the state, and so happy she got this because she showed herself with effort anything is possible!

She was so proud of the result she got as she’d initially resigned herself to failing and being hopeless, but to then turn it around and get this! She was proud, and I’m so proud of her as well!


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