Private Biology Tutors Sydney


Proven 1 on 1 Biology tutoring in the comfort of your home in Sydney



Expert academic coaching from our Biology tutors in Sydney

At Art of Smart we specialise in 1 on 1 tutoring for years 7–12. Our biology tutors identify unique strengths in your child and work on what is necessary for them to improve and succeed. HSC exam coaching is specifically tailored to help students at the most crucial part of their education.

We provide our expertise, experience and knowledge at an affordable price to allow academic coaching accessible for all.

Passionate and knowledgeable tutors based in Sydney

Our Biology tutors are all highly qualified, and are trained to motivate, support, mentor and challenge students, to give everyone the best chance of positive results.

Biology tuition tailored to your child’s specific learning needs

Art of Smart’s private 1 on 1 tutoring service is highly flexible to the learning styles and desired result of each student. We understand that everyone learns in their own way and therefore strive to understand and act on each unique situation.

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