To survive the HSC, you must become and think like a child of five years.

A day in kindergarten includes many children being most concerned about:

  • Food
  • Playtime
  • Reading the story of the day

Really though…

Incorporating aspects of these ideas into your study timetable can make trying to survive the HSC much easier!

Becoming a five year old to survive the HSC
Tip #1: Food
Tip #2: Exercise
Tip #3: Relax

Becoming a five year old to survive the HSC

The other day, I received the best HSC survival advice from a wise woman of few years.

My things had been sprawled out onto the dining table; textbook, notes, laptop, pens and all – as I was drowning in my work.

Then my five year old sister told me to just “breathe”.

A simple breathing exercise had calmed me down, bringing my stress level from an eight, to a one – simply by controlling my breathing.

It was the simplicity behind her ideas from her five year old perspective, which had made a situation that felt out of control, manageable.

It made me reassess my studying methods and techniques I’d been using to survive the HSC. 

So let’s take you through the top 3 tips to survive the HSC – kindergarten style!

Tip #1: Food

Specific styles of eating and types of food can boost brain activity and prolong the endurance of your brain whilst studying!

In Kindergarten, they learn to spread their food over the duration of the two breaks, including recess and lunch. They don’t eat it in one go (they’re not supposed to anyway).

Having small regular snacks between study sessions refuels your brain, keeping you alert and energised, sustaining you for a longer period of time.

Try to go for healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts which are brain foods and can help with concentration and memory!

Tip #2: Exercise

Physical exercise circulates the blood through the body, by engaging major muscle groups – something which sitting down studying prohibits.

In Kindergarten they are encouraged to run around and play during breaks. During this time, they become creative and use their wild imaginations to invent new exciting games.

Stretching your legs after sitting cramped up in one position is an effective way to re-energise yourself.

The circulation of blood through your body during exercise releases endorphins, making you happy (and ready to start studying again!).

By clearing the mind and focusing on nothing in particular, creativity can be induced. Ideas can formulate when you have clarity of mind, potentially enhancing your creative writing or major work ideas.

Tip #3: Relax

Having a break to relax and enjoy what you like doing is just as important in the HSC as it is in kindy!

In Kindergarten, the children are often read a story at some point in the day as they begin to fatigue and energy levels drop extremely low.

Essentially, this is their break time. They relax, and then get ready to continue their day after a re-energising story.

Finding something which you enjoy doing, is the best way to effectively relax during a major study break.

Whether you enjoy reading, like during your kindergarten days, or something else, relaxing by doing something else creates an effective distraction. You are prohibited from agonising over your study during your breaks!

However, like the last page of a book, all distractions must stop after you have read the story, or have had your break.

It is important to make sure that you’re only relaxing during your breaks.

There are valuable lessons to be learnt from kindergarten

Lessons to survive the HSC from the perspective of a five year old is a unique, but an effective way to approach your last year of school. There is importance in simplicity.

Remember to eat, play and relax to survive the HSC!

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Sibel Alca has two little problems: Perfectionism – it drives her and everyone around her insane, and her brain’s inability to decide what it wants in life. If there was a career which combined her scientific curiosity, and her performing arts passion, she’d be set. But even with her flexibility from years of dancing, Sibel is finding that it’s difficult to stay intact when opposing passions pull you in polar directions. After surviving her Preliminary HSC year while completing half her actual HSC, Sibel believes that anything is possible. She is looking forward to a lighter, perhaps easier, HSC year in 2017.