BlogStudyShould I study at University of Newcastle Ourimbah Library for my HSC?

Should I study at University of Newcastle Ourimbah Library for my HSC?

Every year thousands of students spend hours and hours holed up and hibernating in libraries across NSW studying for their HSC. Whilst libraries are a fantastic place for students to study, we are all probably aware some are better than others!

Serious hard-core study requires the right environment – you want to avoid the crowds, the noisy kids running around, find a comfy lounge and be free from distractions just to name a few requirements – essentially you need to choose the right location and the right library for study success!

Check out our review of University of Newcastle (UON) Ourimbah library below to see if this is the best fit for your study success!


Library details

Location10 Chittaway Rd, Ourimbah NSW 2258
Contact4348 4000

Opening Hours

DayOpening times

Library review

Facilities?*24/7 computer access and study area
*Small study group rooms
*Quiet study rooms
*TAFE and Uni resources
*Library coffee shop
*Bathroom facilities

Specific services for HSC students?None
Pros?* You can always find a quiet place to study
*Exceptional computer access (with correct passwords)
*Choice of inside or out, always at the correct temperature inside.

Cons?*Opening hours of 10am-3pm for non-uni students

Best place in the library to study?*When by yourself the silent study area at back of library is the best place.
*When you are with a group, the front of library with couches and chairs is the best place.
Overall rating6

Our top tip: You should study at UoN Ourimbah library due to good electricity coverage for your devices and the subdued and comfortable atmosphere… and food/beverage access!

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