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How to Study Less and Get Better HSC Marks

Did you know that there’s a way to study less and get better HSC Marks?

One of the questions we get asked all the time is, how can I get better results at school?

They say “I’m studying so much, and my results still aren’t going where I want them to go.”

That’s why in this article, we’re going to explain to you how you can save your time, study less, and still get awesome HSC Marks!

So How do I Study Less and Get Better HSC Marks?

To be really honest, most people don’t like the answer to this question.

It’s really simple: use your class time at school more effectively!

That’s right, use your class time. Now you’re probably sitting there thinking, “what? That’s a crap answer”, but hear me out.

Why This is so Powerful

In the last 10 years, Art of Smart has interviewed thousands of students that have performed in the top 2% across Australia.

Throughout these interviews, a pattern has emerged: The top-performing students that did the least amount of study in their spare time did the most work while actually at school!

These top-performing students were really intentional about how they used their class time so they could do less work at home.

When you think about it, for each of your subjects you have about 120 hours of class time. This is actually a lot of time and it can make a HUGE difference!

But How Can I Use This Time Effectively?

So, what can you do to better take advantage of your class time? Here are four techniques you can use to study less and get better HSC marks!

Technique #1: Work one week ahead

The first thing to do is get one week ahead in your study notes. This might sound a little unusual, but it’s actually super powerful for a simple reason.

It means that when you turn up to class, you can actually ask better questions. You can dig into the weak areas that you’ve already identified and use that class time more effectively.

Technique #2: Take note of what needs clarification

The second step is, as you’re getting a week ahead, write a list of all of the questions that arise and all of the areas that you’re weak in.

Create a hit list and then bring those questions into class.ย 

Technique #3: Ask questions in class

The third step is to actually ask those questions in class!

Use the time with your teacher to get clarity. This will help you get on top of your content and be way more effective than trying to work things out by yourself!

Technique #4: Direct the conversation in class

By asking your questions, you should work to direct and influence the class so it can better benefit your needs!

If you implement these four techniques, one hour of class time should be worth 5 hours of at-home study!

Get a week ahead, create a hit list of questions, ask those questions in class, and direct the class conversation through those questions to target your weak areas.

This way, you should be able to study less and get better HSC marks in no time!

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