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Should I study at Macquarie University Library for my HSC?

Every year thousands of students spend hours and hours holed up and hibernating in libraries across NSW studying for their HSC. Whilst libraries are a fantastic place for students to study, we are all probably aware some are better than others!

Serious hard-core study requires the right environment – you want to avoid the crowds, the noisy kids running around, find a comfy lounge and be free from distractions just to name a few requirements – essentially you need to choose the right location and the right library for study success!

Check out our review of Macquarie University library below to see if this is the best fit for your study success!



Library details

LocationC3C, Macquarie Dr, Macquarie Park NSW 2109
Contact Nb.9850 7500

Library Opening Hours

DayOpening Times

Library Review

Facilities?*Quiet rooms
*Quiet study area
*Group study area
*Fast internet
Specific services for HSC students?None
Pros?*Easily accessible by both buses and trains
*Open late until 10pm
*Nice and spacious
*Also has a good research data base
*Cafe downstairs
Cons?*Limited charging points for electronic devices (so make sure your laptop is fully charged before you leave home!)
*No Wifi for non-MQ students
Best place in the library to study?*If you are after individual study - The single desks in the quiet study area on level 1, 2, 3 & 4 - you can bring food and camp out and study all day 🙂
*If you are after group study - ground level pod areas, level 3 & 4 - central areas with circle tables, and couches on side (don't have charging points however)
Overall rating?8/10

Our top tip: We suggest studying at Macquarie University Library because it has a great environment and its opening hours mean you can stay for longer. It is a really good library if no wifi is needed – so bring past questions/papers with you go Macquarie University Library!

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