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Where to Study for the HSC: The Library or at Home?

The HSC is almost here and by now you’ve probably read a million articles on the best ways to study, but what they don’t discuss is where to study.

Well, then where should you study for the HSC – at the library or at home?

Before you make a decision, we’ve come up with a list of pros and cons of studying at home compared to studying at the library!

So, let’s get into it!

Studying at Home Pros and Cons 
Studying at the Library Pros and Cons

Studying at Home


Studying at home, we’ve all done it at some point and it has some serious advantages.

Pro #1: You can wear whatever you like

Yep I’m talking about those comfy trackies that have never been seen outside your house but are great for studying in.

It doesn’t matter what you wear because no one will see you besides your family who’ve already seen you come out of your room looking like a zombie after trials.

Pro #2: You have access to all your notes

One of the worst things about going to the library is getting there and remembering you’ve forgotten something important like a textbook or your notes.

When you’re at home you avoid this problem because everything is at your fingertips.

Pro #3: Food is close by

If you need a snack, the kitchen is only steps away, when you’re out of the house it’s much harder to get (when you’re hungry food can be very distracting).

Pro #4: You have your own space

Being able to spread your study stuff around and not worry about taking over someone else’s table space definitely helps reduce stress.

An added bonus is that you won’t have people taking up your study space either.

Pro #5: Less distractions

You won’t be distracted by friends or people who are constantly talking in a study space (you know who you are).


Despite all the great things about studying at home, there are a few things that make it difficult.

Con #1: People being noisy

I don’t know about you but I had two younger brothers, who loved to play soccer outside my window whenever I was studying, which made it really hard to concentrate and get work done. Sometimes people can’t stop making noise, which is when you know you’ve got to get out of the house.

Con #2: Fast wifi

Lets face it when trying to study it’s really easy for that Facebook tab to magically be selected on your screen, how that happens is a mystery.

When your Internet is fast there’s noting stopping you from wasting time so sometimes lagging library Internet can actually do you a favour!

Studying at the Library


While some people can work around these problems others find it really difficult and libraries are a better place for them to get work done. There are heaps of great reasons to study at the library which we’ve listed down below for you.

Pro #1: The environment motivates you to study

When everyone around you is doing work it makes you want to do work as well which can really help you achieve your daily study goals.

Pro #2: There are heaps of HSC resources available

Most libraries have a year 12 section where you can find books to help you study. These are great because it means you don’t have to buy them and they’re close by.

Pro #3: You can study with a group of friends

Some people learn best in-group environments, which is why libraries are so good.

You can meet up with a group of friends to get some serious study done without having to meet at someone’s house.


Libraries are great but they do come with a few problems that some people can’t handle. If any of these disadvantages seem like something you can’t deal with when studying, home is probably the place where you learn best.

Con #1: Running into people from school

Let’s face it sometimes you don’t want to see people you know because then you’ve got to go over and say hi which wastes your valuable study time.

Con #2: Slow wifi

When lots of people use library wifi it tends to run really slow. While this is an advantage for people who get distracted online easily it’s not great if you’re doing a large amount of studying using the Internet.

Con #3: People won’t stop talking!

One of the most frustrating things about libraries is when people talk loudly for a long time. This can easily break your concentration and make you frustrated.

If you’re looking to choose a library but have no idea which is the best, check out our article on the best rated libraries here!

While reading these lists you’ve probably been agreeing with some of these points and thinking that’s something that appeals to you. While we can’t say that one study space is better than the other, we can say one might be better for you.

When reading this consider what’s most important to you in a study space and what you can’t handle. You’ll probably already have an idea in your head after reading this article.

What we suggest is follow what your head is telling you, if one of these appeals to you more chances are you’ll study better there!

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Milana Gusavac is thought she had seen the end of HSC until she realised that others out there needed help surviving year 12 just like she had. Now she’s a member of the Art of Smart team while perusing her studies at the University of Sydney, studying a Bachelor of Psychology. When not learning or helping other’s Milana can be found with her nose in a book or marathoning TV shows.


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