BlogStudyCoach of the Month (Growth Award) – Niamh Kirk [October 2017]

Coach of the Month (Growth Award) – Niamh Kirk [October 2017]

We are excited to announce that Niamh Kirk has been selected as Coach of the Month and is the recipient of the Growth Award for the month of October!

Each month our Team Leaders across Art of Smart, are working with their teams to nominate 1 coach from their team for the Coach of the Month Award. The re-implementation of our Coach of the Month Awards represents us wanting to live our values and express our gratitude for the awesome work you do with your students.

The Growth Award is given to someone for either helping a student achieve growth, or for you exhibiting personal growth.

Niamh received the Growth Award in recognition of the outstanding effort that she has given in helping her students excel both academically and personally!

Niamh is currently coaching a Year 10 student in Maths. This student really dislikes school, isn’t very engaged with his studies and struggles with learning content. He is hoping to leave school next year in order to complete a trade at TAFE. While Niamh has done an excellent job in helping him with his classwork, she has also been helping him prepare for leaving school and completing an apprenticeship.

In their lessons together, Niamh has tried to teach Maths in a practical manner that will apply to the student’s life after school! As a result, Niamh has seen tremendous growth and a significant increase in the student’s engagement and motivation towards Maths. He has increased his marks in the 70s, making both himself, his parents and Niamh very proud!

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