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What Clubs Should I Join During High School?

What did one elderly man say to the other?

‘I regret not getting involved in extra-curricular activities during the good old days”

Joining a club during your high school years will definitely prevent this happening ever in your life!

1. Why Should I Join A Club?

  • Joining a club or getting involved with any extra curricular activities during high school will definitely give you a head start in life.
  • It will sharpen the skill required in your specialised interest, and  helps to develop your leadership skill in a carefully guided way.
  • The time pressure derived from extra curricular activities will motivate you to spend your time wisely and effectively.
  • Enables you to build on the essential life skill of time management and team working sprirt.

2. Sports Clubs

  • Keep you in shape while studying-> saving money on gym membership while doing things you actually like.
  • Better technical training in club environment -> improve your sporting skill.
  • Learning to work well and corporately with others – teamwork, in the process of working toward achieving a common goal, is a great catalyst in shaping you as a person and team player.
  • The sense of connectedness, pride and loyalty one feels when representing one’s school and community propels your confidence.

3. Debating Clubs

  • By participating on a debate team, students learn the art of persuasion.
  • Participation in debates increases students’ academic performance  as well as social skills.
  • A school team will have the opportunity to represent their school by competing in local, regional, and national tournaments.
  • Many colleges offer summer programs that teach debating skills.
  • Students benefit from preparing for debates by honing their research skills and teamwork skills.
  • Students also benefit from the experience of public speaking.

4. Interest Clubs

  • Simply join a club that is out of your hobby/interest!
  • Important step in transitioning primary school students to high school students
  • Speeds up the process of making friends
  • Stimulate student’s interest and passion on subjects and other things which are out of academic life.
  • For more information, see The List Of Clubs You Could Join In High School


YMCA is an organization that aims to promote happiness and well being to young people in the community through fitness.

Volunteering with  YMCA NSW community is a great way to connect with people from different communities and ethnic backgrounds. Not only can you make a significant contribution in creating a better community with other people, but also gain valuable soft skills and work experience. To find out more, visit YMCA Home Page.

6. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great method of getting involved with the community, but also gives great reward. The benefits of volunteering are as follow:

  • Personal benefits derived from interacting with new people and dealing with new situations.
  • Exposure to different culture within the community.
  • Empathy, appreciation and generosity are new personal attributes that volunteers often unconsciously adopt during their service.
  • Will look great on your resume!
  • Each act of community service strengthens the bonds and friendship within the community.

As you can see these are all the different types of clubs you should join when you are in high school. Hopefully you now have gained the insight on how joining clubs can really shape you as a person as well as guiding you into the future.

Good luck!

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