BlogStudyWhat are the best libraries to study at in the lead up to the HSC exams?

What are the best libraries to study at in the lead up to the HSC exams?

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With just under a month before the HSC begins, libraries across NSW are starting to fill up! Many Year 12 students are going into library hibernation mode to prepare for the HSC exams. Perhaps you are one of these students?

Libraries are a fantastic place for students to study, but as we are all probably aware some are better than others…

But serious hard-core study requires the right environment — you want to avoid the crowds, the noisy kids running around, find a comfy lounge and be free from distractions just to name a few requirements. Essentially you need to choose the right location and the right library for study success!

If you are wondering what the best libraries are to study in, look no further!

We have put together a comprehensive review on a range of libraries across Sydney so that you can find the perfect study location and can get the most out of your study time!

Check out the ratings below and click onto the libraries to read the full review including:

    • Location details
    • Opening hours
    • Facilities
    • Specific services for HSC students
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • Best place to study in the library
    • Our top tip!

Libraries in Sydney Ranked

Top Ryde8.5/10
Macquarie University8/10
Chatswood West8/10
Castle Hill8/10
State Library7/10
University of Newcastle Ourimbah6/10
Pennant Hills6/10
University of Sydney Library (USYD)5/10

Have we missed a library? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get cracking to scope it out and add a review!

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