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The 50 Best High Schools in Brisbane for 2023 – School Rankings

Thinking about sending your child to a high school in Brisbane, but aren’t sure which option to go with? One of the most important decisions a family will ever make is the school to which they send their children.

Choosing a school is a huge decision, and there are many factors to consider, such as tuition cost, gender-streaming, private vs public, academic performance, and more! But we also know that without the right data, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of school marketing or ease of access.

We’ve put in the hours, done the research, and have created the ‘2023 Ultimate Brisbane School Ranking List’ to help you make the right call with your student about the high school they want to graduate from. What are you waiting for? Check it out below!

How Our 2023 Brisbane School Ranking Works
Top 50 Brisbane Schools 2023 Ranking List
Top 99 ATAR Schools
Top 95 ATAR Schools
Top 90 ATAR Schools
Top 80 ATAR Schools
Top State Schools
Top Private Schools
Top Gender-Streamed Schools
Top Value Schools

How Our Brisbane School Ranking Works

Since the new ATAR system was introduced, the QCAA has stopped releasing individual school performance data to the public domain, instead releasing subject-specific data. At Art of Smart Education, however, we are committed to data-driven insights, that help every day students and parents to make life-impacting decisions.

To calculate the ranking, we gathered publicly released data for each school, and averaged publicly released data from each school on the percentage of students who achieved above 80, 90, 95 and 99 ATAR results. We then averaged those percentages into a single score.

This was mapped against the state distribution (using the publicly released QTAC information), and then bravo! We are then able to identify the number of times (outperforming percentage) that a school performs above the state distribution.

Because Sheldon College had 46% of students above an ATAR 90 and 79% of students above an ATAR 80, we can compare this data to the state average through normalisation and calculate an outperforming score of 86%”

Top 50 Brisbane Schools Ranking List

Here is the final list of the top schools in Brisbane based solely on pure academic performance.

Ranking #SchoolOutperforming State Percentage
1Brisbane Grammar School353%
2Brisbane Girls Grammar School346%
3St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School235%
4Brisbane State High School224%
5Anglican Church Grammar School224%
6All Hallows' School214%
7St Margaret's Anglican Girls School201%
8Mansfield State High School191%
9Ormiston College172%
10Mt St Michael's College139%
11Somerville House129%
12Ipswich Girls' Grammar School121%
13Villanova College104%
14Brisbane Boys' College103%
15Stuartholme School89%
16Cannon Hill Anglican College87%
17Sheldon College86%
18Mount Alvernia College81%
19Marist College Ashgrove73%
20Moreton Bay Boys College72%
21The Gap State High School71%
22Corinda State High School71%
23Northside Christian College65%
24Loreto College Coorparoo61%
25St Rita's College57%
26St Laurence's College51%
27Kenmore State High School51%
28Moreton Bay College50%
29St Peters Lutheran College49%
30Redeemer Lutheran College47%
31Citipointe Christian College45%
32John Paul College44%
33The Lakes College44%
34Canterbury College43%
35Saint Stephen's College39%
36St Joseph's Nudgee College34%
37Stretton State College27%
38St John's Anglican College23%
39Indooroopilly State High School21%
40Balmoral State High School21%
41Mount Gravatt State High School21%
42St Paul's School20%
43Mary Mackillop College19%
44St John Fisher College17%
45MacGregor State High School17%
46Prince of Peace Lutheran College17%
47Brigidine College16%
48Genesis Christian College11%
49Grace Lutheran College9%
50The Springfield Anglican College2%
51Ambrose Treacy College-4%
52Brisbane Christian College-31%
53Assisi Catholic College-31%

Top 10 School Trends

  • Topping the list we have the Brisbane Grammar and Girls Grammar Schools, however immediately after we begin to see a few Anglican schools coming out with excellent results.
  • The data is quite clear that currently, many private schools and colleges are well outperforming the state, however there are a few exceptions with Brisbane, Mansfield, The Gap and Corina State High Schools all making the Top 25! These could be great options if you are thinking of taking the public education route!
  • Another key observation is that schools from all across the wider Brisbane area are performing significantly well, and it is not just the inner-city colleges that are producing high ATAR results!
  • There also appears to be a big difference between the Top 10 and then the rest of the 40 schools, with the Top 10 exhibiting scores of 172%-353%, which drops off significantly to 139% and below after that!

Public vs Private vs Anglican vs State

  • Anglican schools had the top mean outperforming percentages, with the average score coming in at 104%, closely followed by general private sector schools at 93%
  • It should be noted that general private schools dominated this list, with 21 out of the 50 schools being listed as private.

Now that we know how many schools from each category made it into the Top 50, it would be beneficial to understand how well each category performed.

As can be seen, whilst Anglican schools had the lowest percentage in the Top 50, they significantly outperform the rest of the schools in state outperformance, making these institutions competitive in the market.

School TypeAverage Outperformance Score (%)

Private schools appear to be a safer and less competitive route, sitting 93% above the state average out of the Top 50 schools.

Read more about which school type performed best here!

Gender Streamed vs Co-Ed

  • Co-Ed Schools made up a slight majority of the Top 50 schools, with gender streamed schools still grabbing a bulk amount of the Top 50.

Now again, it is beneficial for us to grasp the average outperformance of each school sector, compared to the state average!

School TypeAverage Outperformance Percentage (%)

As can be seen, Girls schools come out on top in terms of performance, with boys following closely behind. But Gender-streamed schools appear to be incredibly competitive in the education space dominating general Co-Ed schools.

See more in-depth analysis on Boys, Girls and Co-Ed schools here!

Top Brisbane School Ranking by ATAR Brackets

We’ve seen how schools performed overall, but not all students and families are looking to achieve a Top 99 ATAR, whilst some students are needing it to get into medicine! Allow us to break down each bracket, and provide some more insight into where might be best for you!


Ranking #SchoolOutperforming State %
1Brisbane Grammar School571%
2Anglican Church Grammar School495%
3Brisbane State High School495%
4Brisbane Girls Grammar School479%
5St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School376%
6All Hallows' School364%
7St Margaret's Anglican Girls School301%
8Mansfield State High School257%
9Ipswich Girls' Grammar School217%
10Somerville House213%

The Top 99 ATAR schools were very similar to the top overall results, however, Somerville House managed to climb the ladder to prove it’s outperformance when it comes to the best of the best results! This means that Somerville likely has a small very high achieving cohort, with a overall lower average.


Ranking #SchoolOutperforming State Percentage
1Brisbane Grammar School280%
2St Margaret's Anglican Girls School268%
3St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School253%
4All Hallows' School223%
5Brisbane State High School213%
6Anglican Church Grammar School188%
7Mansfield State High School180%
8Redlands College172%
9Ormiston College172%
10Mt St Michael's College148%

The 95 ATAR space appears to be dominated by many Anglican schools that are proving just how competitive private religious schools can be. Brisbane Grammar has maintained its leadership over all the rest of the competition, however.

Ipswich Girls Grammar and Somerville House have dropped out of the top 10, meaning that whilst they have a high 99 ATAR cohort, they lagged behind in the 95 range.


Ranking #SchoolOutperforming State %
1Brisbane Girls Grammar School212%
2St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School211%
3Brisbane Grammar School207%
4All Hallows' School175%
5St Margaret's Anglican Girls School152%
6Anglican Church Grammar School134%
7Mansfield State High School134%
8Brisbane State High School130%
9Mt St Michael's College130%
10Somerville House127%

The 90 ATAR bracket is looking very similar to that of the top 99 ATAR schools, with the notable exception that Brisbane Grammar has been overtaken by Brisbane Girls Grammar School and St Aidan’s Anglican Girl’s School. This means that overall Brisbane Girl’s have more students who achieve above a 90, but Brisbane Grammar has higher averages overall.

Both Mansfield and Brisbane State High School have also maintained incredible results for the public education domain. Both Redlands and Ormiston College have dropped out of the top 10, with Somerville House coming back in with Mt St Michael’s College.


Ranking #SchoolOutperforming State Percentage
1St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School99%
2Stuartholme School99%
3All Hallows' School92%
4St Margaret's Anglican Girls School85%
5Somerville House78%
6Anglican Church Grammar School76%
7Mount Alvernia College68%
8Sheldon College64%
9Brisbane State High School60%
10Loreto College Coorparoo60%

Things get shaken up quite dramatically in the 80 ATAR bracket, with brand new names appearing, and the previous top schools dropping out due to them not reporting the 80 ATAR range. Stuartholme School, although not appearing in the top results previously, has demonstrated it’s ability to get good holistic results, along with Loreto College Coorparoo, Mount Alvernia College, and Sheldon College!

These schools are not necessarily the highest performing, since other schools that perform highly do not report 80+ results. However, these schools demonstrate holistic ability to get the majority of their cohorts above the ATAR 80 mark.

Other Factors

Academics isn’t everything when it comes to a family making a call about a potential school! That’s why we’ve done the research and taken the time to make guides based off a tonne of different factors families need to weigh up into the school journey, such as cost, sector, gender-streaming and tuition! Check out the relevant articles below to help you make an informed call!

Top Brisbane ATAR State Schools

Top Brisbane ATAR Private Schools

Top Brisbane ATAR Boys Schools

Top Brisbane ATAR Girls Schools

Best Brisbane ATAR Value Schools

Top ATAR Schools TuitionCost by Performance

Wondering how these schools achieved such high results? It’s likely they applied themselves all year round instead of just towards externals! Read more on why Term 2 is the most important term for success in the QCE!

Don’t see your school on here? It’s likely that your school does not publicly publish their ATAR data! Publicly submit your data if you were missed in 2023 or contact us at [email protected] to submit your results to Art of Smart Education! Note that we don’t include schools that only produce IB results to improve internal validity.

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